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Evil Dead

Learn a bit more for Evil Dead: The Game with the latest question and answer session about this Evil Dead IP

Only a few more slumbers until we have Evil Dead: The Game on our PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch or PC. I know I am excited for May 13th to roll on up and suck me into the universe once more. Even if there are still many things left floating out there before the launch that Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games have not fully addressed. Like how we are able to play as Ash from all of the various Evil Dead films and show over the years. Thankfully, the teams are back to give us some more answers to some burning questions we have outstanding still. Especially, on how the single-player version of it all will flow out there.

Some of the following questions for Evil Dead: The Game have been touched on before, but some are new things. Like the fact that we can play the four versus one with all of the AI running everything else. It will help with some of the grind if you cannot find a group of five to head out there to do the same thing. Even if that is not your jam, you can take on side missions in the game to get some skins and learn more of the lore on how all of the Evil Dead bits are in here. The Knowby Tapes out there will fill in some of the gaps between the films and explain the multiverse rules being used to pull in all of the characters from over the decades.

Evil Dead: The Game — Community Q&A

As we get ready for this Friday’s launch, Evil Dead: The Game devs answer questions about player roles, balance, replayability, lore, single-player gameplay options, and much more in today’s Community Q&A video.


  • Q: How do you plan on addressing replayability and extending the game's lifecycle?
  • Q: What was our approach to finding the right balance between player roles and the Demon?
  • Q: Was there an emphasis on making the other characters from the franchise as interesting as Ash?
  • Q: Evil Dead has so much lore, how much is in the game? How will those various generations of Evil Dead be intertwined in the game?
  • Q: What makes Evil Dead: The Game unique compared to other asymmetrical horror games?
  • Q: When playing the core Survivor vs Demon mode, will there be options for AI-controlled bots for Survivors or the Demon?
  • Q: What happens if the Demon player avoids the Survivors and instead waits to ambush at the very end, when Survivors go after the Necronomicon?
  • Q: Are there any other additions from the Evil Dead world coming to future updates in the game?

Thank you to three of our longtime community YouTubers who have been following and analyzing Evil Dead: The Game ever since we first announced it: Laphin, SlashNCast, and UnCAGEDgamez for their great questions.

Are you ready to get back into the mix for Evil Dead or do you need more to be shown off to get you in? Do you like how the single-player will work here or did you want to have a full campaign out there? How deep into the lore do you think they were allowed to go and will it all be canon for the IP moving forward now? Tell us all of your thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish. We will keep the news for Evil Dead: The Game flowing out there as it comes, so be sure to keep checking in for all of that here. We will do what we can to bring it all to you as fast as we can out there.