Interview - Black Shield Productions


We sat down with founder and Game Master, Greg Schneider, of Black Shield Productions (BSP) at their weekend retreat to learn more about them and what they have to offer.

In short, BSP weekend retreat is a roleplaying getaway filled with hobbits, elves, superheroes, kobolds, old friends, new faces, laughs, and of course space pirates.

Black Shield Productions (BSP) is a team of over half a dozen professional game masters, with thousands of hours of XP storytelling and role-playing. Together they provide role-playing and event-themed experiences for all levels of players. Whether you are a long-time con-goer or are looking to add something new to your birthday bash, the game masters at Black Shield Productions will be happy to tailor a fun and exciting interactive game for you.

Black Shield Productions (BSP) — Interview With Greg Schneider

Black Shield Productions (BSP) — Interview

BSP creates their stories through already proven role-playing systems and mechanics, like Dungeons & Dragons 5e and Fate the simple to learn Fate-based systems. The GM’s job is to focus on the entertainment and interaction of the role-playing without getting caught up in mechanics, this can be especially good for those who are new to role-playing.

BSP also runs marathon gaming experiences at conventions, which players are able to drop in and out at their convenience anytime during the story. This is a fun way for con-goers to fill their time between panels, or other games.

Black Shield Productions (BSP) — Interview

To learn more about BSP you can find them on Facebook: Black Shield Productions or on their website:

And you can check them out on Discord at Black Shield. Happy Gaming!