Evil Dead: The Game Teases A Bit Of Single-Player

Evil Dead

More for Evil Dead: The Game is here to give us a few looks at the Evil Dead single-player mode

In just under a month, we will all get our chances to experience Evil Dead: The Game on our own. Not just in the multiplayer parts that Saber Interactive and Boss Team have been working on, but in a single-player form that will truly let us have it on our own. Some of which we can see in one of the latest Evil Dead videos we have too. If you can look past all of the amazing visuals that the hardware will be able to do over some of the more basic versions out there. It does look glorious, but we all know that graphics do not always make a video game great. Especially since some of these platforms will not be able to get anywhere near what we have to see here.

At first glance, though, this does look like it houses more of the multiplayer for Evil Dead, which it does, but some clues here do show otherwise. Like we get to see things that have pick-up indicators on them and then Ash running around with Linda's head on his belt. Sure, this could be something built into the multiplayer, but it does feel more like an event played out and we need it to guide us to locations. Locations that also look like they were lifted from past Evil Dead games and not just the shows. If they were not made just for this game to further expand on the places we will be facing off with all of the deadites in. Have a look and see how amazing it all looks.

Evil Dead: The Game — 4K NVIDIA DLSS Comparison

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Will you be able to see this title play at the visual level we have here or will it be a little on the lackluster side? Do you think the mines we see are from a past Evil Dead game or will it be a new location just to give us more to fear? Would you want to play the game in single-player as Evil Ash or will it be an experience we get with just the main Ash to better explain some of the multiplayer side of things? Let us all know down in the comments what you are thinking and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish. We will keep sharing what we can for Evil Dead: The Game, and all you need to do is keep checking back in. You should not be let down by it.