Deliver Us The Moon Is Launching To The Next-Gen Systems Soon

Deliver Us The Moon

The next-gen update for Deliver Us The Moon is now on the way shortly after the Deliver Us The Moon sequel was announced

Color me not so surprised, but here we are with the announcement for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S version of Deliver Us The Moon coming to light. Just after we caught wind that KeokeN Interactive was bringing us all a sequel of sorts to the title, and now we are here with the next-gen announcement for the previous. If you did not think that Deliver Us The Moon was going to get this treatment, then you have not been paying attention to video games as of late. All of that said, now you know it is coming and that you can get the experience again on May 19th if you want to.

Just like almost all of the other next-gen upgrades, Deliver Us The Moon will be getting this one for free if you own the game already. It will also bring with it all of the 4K visuals and better optimizations for the new hardware. All of that and the new features that the newer systems and controllers can offer up too. The specific details on those are still yet to be explained, but Deliver Us The Moon will have them in there so you can get further immersed into the world and game. Have a little taste of what will be coming in a few months just a bit lower down and see if it will get you ready to experience it all once more.

Deliver Us The Moon — Next Gen Release Date

Remastered for next-gen consoles, acclaimed Sci-Fi thriller Deliver Us The Moon is coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on May 19.

Dare To Leap!

Deliver Us The Moon is a Sci-Fi thriller set in an apocalyptic near future, where Earth's natural resources are depleted. A lunar colony providing a vital supply of energy has gone silent. A lone astronaut is sent to the moon on a critical mission to save humanity from extinction. Will you save mankind or be forgotten in the dark abyss of Space?

Free next-gen upgrade available.

Were you at all shocked that Deliver Us The Moon is getting this update or did you think they would leave it until closer to the next title's release? How do you think the controllers will be involved in this one and will it truly add something new to the game? Will these also get reflected over to the PC side of things or did they already have the option since the first launch? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish to. We will keep the news rolling for Deliver Us The Moon as best we can, so be sure to keep checking in for all of that and everything else we have to offer up.