The Artist Has Flown Into The World Of Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight

The next killer & survivor for Dead By Daylight are here with them adding a bit more of the dramatic flair to Dead By Daylight

As it seems to be the case with all of the new killers and survivors for Dead By Daylight, the latest ones have dropped in to give us all more to play with. These ones being the Artist and Jonah Vasquez that Behaviour has put together for us to load into our games. All to give us one more chapter in Dead By Daylight to enjoy and slay each other in. That or try to survive depending on how you like to play the game. All of which is available as you are reading this and can be added in via the ways you normally would for your platforms. I just hope that you do not have ornithophobia for this one, as it will get to you extremely quick if you do.

Yes, it looks like the Artist in Dead By Daylight will have some control over crows in the game. The description here indicates that the entity here will turn any in the Artist's path into a flock of them and that they will swarm any other victims that are still out there in the map. Victims like Jonah here that is a codebreaker that has gone down the wrong rabbit holes for secrets here. Just in the way it usually does in Dead By Daylight, that Jonah will have to use whatever skills at their disposal to make sure they do not become the next flock to head out and kill their allies. Have a small look or just download the new chapter for your game right now.

Dead By Daylight — Portrait Of A Murder

A feast for the senses — and the crows.

Portrait of a Murder is the new Chapter in Dead By Daylight. The Artist — born Carmina Mora — is the new Killer. After suffering a brutal maiming, The Artist was taken by The Entity and twisted into a grotesque vessel of vengeance, turning anyone in her path into carrion for the flock. Her Dire Crows will swarm victims as screams echo across the Forsaken Boneyard, a surreal nightmare that sets the stage for a performance like no other. The new Survivor is Jonah Vasquez. A brilliant codebreaker and former operative, his search for answers quickly led him down a rabbit hole of secret messages and haunting revelations.

The Portrait of a Murder Chapter is available now in Dead By Daylight.

Are you still excited for these new and original ideas to come to Dead By Daylight or did you want more of the licensed characters still? Will these new ones keep the game truly feeling fresh and allow for new gameplay elements to be added in as we see here? Will you be freaking out every time you hear a crow caw out there after all of this? Tell us all of your thoughts on this and much more as we head into the future for this IP. We know that we will have more for Dead By Daylight, so please keep a close eye on the site for all of those updates and much more.