Fruit Ninja VR 2 Is Heading Into Early Access Very Soon

Fruit Ninja

The early access for Fruit Ninja VR 2 is coming next week for more of the Fruit Ninja fun some of you have been waiting for

The game is no longer going to be one for the phones, as Fruit Ninja VR 2 is on the way for our PC and we will have the ability to give it all a go next week. Okay, so maybe this specific version is not on the mobile devices but that does not change the fact that Halfbrick is giving us all the new VR version of the game for Early Access on December 3rd. You can virtually be swinging your swords and dicing up all of the fruit out there while dodging bombs by then, and that is pretty damn cool. Unless you are not a fan of Fruit Ninja in general, then I would ask why you even clicked in here at all. Now I am getting off-topic and it is time to get back to what is at hand here.

Fruit Ninja VR 2 will be out there for the various PV VR headsets on the above date and will bring you most of the fun that the mobile version has. I say most of the fun due to the fact that this version will have some things or altered mechanics that the mobile device just cannot do. I mean, VR is a vastly different setting for all of this and we will be able to do more with the archery mode that is coming here. The world of Fruit Ninja needs to forever be changing to keep up with it all and this is a great way to do so. You can set yourself up to get the title and everything on its official Steam page and have a small sample of what is going on in this version just a bit lower down.

Fruit Ninja VR 2 — Early Access

After months of playtesting and refining the game for players, Fruit Ninja VR 2 will be available on Steam Early Access from 3rd December 2021!

Fruit Ninja VR 2 has all the arcade fruit-slashing fun of the original combined with the Fruitar Hero rhythm mode of popular mobile game Fruit Ninja 2. Use your blade to slash fruit as it flies at you to the rhythm of the music. Simple on the surface, but deceptively skillful. Fancy yourself the ultimate ninja? Compete against friends and foes from all over the world! Chase high scores by completing hand-crafted levels in the scenic Gutsu’s Lagoon.

The most notable update has to be the addition of Archery. Complete combos and skill shots in the Archery Range as totem poles, fruit-copters, and cannons shoot fruit and bombs in the air! The fun doesn’t end there – there are more mini-games to discover around the map! Find the elusive Golden Apples, complete timed challenges, and meet the locals.

With all that extra weaponry, you need somewhere to store them! The Dojo is the home base for our players to store and showcase their collection of blades, bows, trophies, and learn about the lore of this stylized world of Fruitasia. Currently, there are The Gardens, Archery Range, Gutsu’s Lagoon, Social Hub, and Dojo.

Will you be taking this version of Fruit Ninja for a swing or will you be sticking to the mobile version of the IP only? How difficult do you think that the archery will be in the VR mode or will it be made easier in general? How long do you think that the game will stay in this style of play before it goes to a full release out there? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish to. We will keep the news flowing for Fruit Ninja VR 2, so be sure to keep checking in on the site for all of that and much, much more.