New Gameplay Is Here Again For Do Not Open

Do Not Open

Do Not Open has a new update and a little more of the horrific gameplay that we might be expecting when Do Not Open launches out there

The horror titles keep on coming here with Do Not Open getting a new teaser and look at how the game has progressed since we last saw it. This would be the horror title that Quasar Dynamics showed the world last year for the PS4 and PS5 whit PSVR compatibility. See how the game looks and feels like one giant escape room, it feels like that will be fitting for the hardware and all. Even with a title like Do Not Open suggesting that we should not open the doors and try to escape the area with our family in the end. It does sound interesting, to say the least, and now we have a little more to look at for the game.

Here we get to see a bit more on the supernatural side of things that will be haunting us in Do Not Open. It looks like we will have more of those demon or dead children trying to end us along the way as we try to figure out how to escape. That will be something truly monumental in a task, as Do Not Open will keep ever play through dynamic and different from the last. Think along the lines of a roguelike and you will be in a closer ballpark for the game. It will just be the best way to keep the game always feeling fresh and new with each play so we do not know how to solve the puzzles and walk out the door from the start every time. Even if this is not a true version of that genre set in the VR setting.

Do Not Open — Gameplay

You appear inside a mysterious ever-changing mansion where most of the doors are closed and no one seems to live… excepting from the childlike presence that’s threatening your life. What's the meaning of this madness? The only way to discover it and escape alive is by solving the puzzles located all over the building. Do it in the quickest way possible and find the truth before it catches you, or live in this nightmare forever…

How are you feeling about Do Not Open after seeing this and will you be brave enough to give it a try? Will the children in the game freak you out too much that you will not be willing to make it all the way through? How well do you think the dynamically generated rooms will be or will they start to have a similar feeling after a few different plays? Tell us all of your thoughts on this down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish to. We will share more for Do Not Open as we get it, so keep checking on the site for all of that. You should not be let down by anything that we have to offer up.