Take On One Of The Bosses Coming At Us Within Elden Ring

Elden Ring

A new boss in Elden Ring is here fresh from the latest network test going on for Elden Ring right now

The network test for Elden Ring is underway and that means we will have all kinds of new gameplay out there to take in. Some through the official means of From Software, and others through various members of the community that have been granted access. The limited number of players that seems to be from the murmurs of the internet. No matter the case, we have something new to look at and it is in the way of one of the boss characters in Elden Ring named Margit The Fell Omen. A rather ominous name to have and seeing as their goal is to end us, it feels right on par with what the game will have for us when it fully launches out there.

Sadly, this fight looks and feels about as one would expect it to be in a game like Elden Ring. Margit uses the same style of moves over and over and we just need to learn the patterns to use our moves over and over to survive it all. The same grinding repetition we should expect in the Soulslike games here with the new coat of paint on them. That is not to say that Elden Ring might not be breaking molds down the line, but this little bit here feels like it could have been placed in any other version of the genre after changing dialog, and it would fit right in. Have a look and see while we all hope to see something truly new to come out and punish us down the line.

Elden Ring — Margit The Fell Omen

New gameplay for Elden Ring that highlights the fight with the boss Margit The Fell Omen.

Were you lucky enough to get in on the Elden Ring network test or did you miss the mark and will need to look for videos online? Does it look and feel like this one is a by-the-numbers affair with fans building more of the hype around the game or is this just because we are in a testing mode for now? Do you find the loops to be the same in all of these kinds of games or do you still find some kind of thing to mix it up as you play? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish to. We will share all that we can for Elden Ring and much more. Just keep checking back in on the site for all of that as we head toward the launch.