Get Your Criminal Empire Off The Ground In Saints Row

Saints Row

Saints Row will offer us many different ways to make or steal money in the most Saints Row of ways out there

Saints Row has always been about getting our own criminal empires up in running in one form or another. In the new one, we are getting from Volition, it is going to be the same thing once more. I hope you were not expecting much different from all of this. Unless you were expecting something vastly different than in many games of the past, as this Saints Row will have many rackets we need to run so we can be the top dogs out there in Santo Ileso. Now we have a short breakdown of a few we will need to control for profit and just some extra level of fun in the game.

These criminal ventures that we will be undertaking in Saints Row will have much more than just a monetary gain aspect to them all, though. We will get to place the location of the buildings on the game's map and they will bring with them the perks mentioned but also characters, vehicles, and gameplay missions to keep things feeling fresh for the world and the player. Like the Shady Oaks Medical Clinic where we will run an insurance fraud racket out of in Saints Row, but also get the ragdoll mechanic game where we aim to injure ourselves the worst while causing destruction. Just to name one out of the many we will have mixed in to give us a new mechanic to the IP to go with the stories we have had over the countless years.

Saints Row — Criminal Ventures

Let’s get criminal!

There are so many ways you can build your empire and take over Santo Ileso in Saints Row, and Criminal Ventures is just one way you can do it.

You get to choose how your Saints empire takes shape and which ventures you build. Where they get built in the city is also up to you, changing the landscape and offering unique gameplay, characters, and rewards.

Make bank with your very own Shady Oaks Medical Clinic; go cause yourself some damage, play in traffic and watch the cash roll in from all those totally real injuries you get. Take over the already booming food truck drug business and corner the market yourself by building a Chalupacabra and serving Mexican food with your own special kick. Or Bright Futures Disposal facility, all you have to do is find somewhere to illegally dump some potentially pretty dangerous stuff and you’re getting paid – just don’t think too hard about the environmental impact. Or how about pulling your team together for a heist with Let’s Pretend? Or a Totally Legitimate Laundry service? Or an arms dealership?

Criminal Ventures lets you build your own definitely-not-a-front-businesses across Santo Ileso as you rise to power, change the city, and rake in the cash you need to make a name for the Saints in Santo Ileso.

How deep into all of these will we need to go or will they all be extra cherries on top of Saints Row when we play? Do you think we will need to perfectly manage everything for the best advantages or will it truly be our own preference on locations and the like? What other minigames do you think we will have tucked into all of this or will it be new twists on all of the classics we have had before? Give us all of that feedback down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you so wish. We will keep sharing what we can for Saints Row as we get it, so be sure to keep checking in on the site for all of that and more.