Chernobylite Asks You To Renew Your Vows For The Console Launch


Tatyana is back from Chernobylite to show more of the character and get us ready for the console launch of Chernobylite

Some of us out there have been able to kick back and enjoy some of Chernobylite on the PC so far. It has been a bit of an interesting flow to things that The Farm 51 has for us, but the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X gamers have missed out on it all up to now. They will continue to until September 28th when Chernobylite finally hits all of those consoles out there. These split release dates can be a bit rough, but the game is almost here for all and this is just another reminder that will be the case. Take it and get ready to download it all and take a trip into the Exclusion Zone that most of us will never be able to see with our real eyes. At least without getting some high levels of radiation in our systems.

To go along with that reminder, we have one more trailer to take in for Chernobylite to show off a bit more of Tatyana. It will be something that the PC gamers out there will know fairly well, for sure. It is another of the live-action videos that will give us some more exposition of sorts and help keep us a bit more grounded in this world of some form of dark fantasy. It is just a reminder for Chernobylite, so do not try to look into some deeper meaning to it all. Or, maybe there is something even deeper than all of this and there is a different kind of game going on out there. Take a look and then get ready to have a bit of a wait for it all.

Chernobylite — gamescom 2021

Tatyana still appears to Igor in his dreams, haunting him, calling him back to Chernobyl. The last time he saw her was the fateful day of the nuclear disaster 30 years ago, but to him it feels like yesterday. As long as there’s a chance that she might still be alive he can’t help but return to what is now the Exclusion Zone, despite the danger posed by hostile military forces, supernatural creatures, and other stalkers.

Get Chernobylite now on Steam, GOG, or Epic for PC or on September 28 for Xbox and Playstation.

Have you been playing Chernobylite on the PC up to now or will you need to wait until it hits the consoles to enjoy? Do you think that there is a deeper thing going on with all of these real-world videos or is it all surface info for now? How do you feel about all of the split releases we have here and do you think they will try to get rid of it all for the future? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is anything more for Chernobylite, know that we will have it all on the site for you all. Just be sure to keep checking in for all of that and much, much more.