It Is Time To Take In The Dark Before The Dawn For Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood

We have a new level for Back 4 Blood to check out that was not featured in the beta for Back 4 Blood

Obviously, up until now with all of the betas and showings for Back 4 Blood we have not been given everything that the game will hold. There needs to be something held off until launch and then a bit beyond from there. Turtle Rock has seemed to think that way up until gamescom and now just a bit more with a new and small look at another map in Back 4 Blood that has not been seen up to now. It is a bit of a spoiler for it all, but it shows off a bit more on how some of these missions will flow and what other features we will have to look out for in the game. October 12th is not that far off at this point and we do have a few more little showcasing to go through before then. For now, let us look at The Dark Before The Dawn.

In this mission, we are going to have to run some supplies to a dinner in the mix of this new world. To do so, we will have to go through various alleys and tight locations where all of the Ridden we have seen in Back 4 Blood up to now will be stalking us. All while needing to unlock gates, fences, and bypass many other elements that will attract more of the Ridden to us. All while having the map dynamically filled in based on all of the cards and the "Director" we have heard about in Back 4 Blood before now. All to keep things feeling different no matter how the following video plays out here. Have a look at one of the possible variations and see how it could go.

Back 4 Blood — The Dark Before The Dawn

Check out a sneak peek at a brand new level not featured in the beta for Back 4 Blood entitled "The Dark Before the Dawn."

The Dark Before The Dawn level reveal is narrated by Rose Ty, community manager, at Turtle Rock, and features a guided walkthrough of the level, along with some tips on how to survive.

Do you feel better about Back 4 Blood after seeing this new map added in or will it still come down to the full launch for you? Do you think that these tight areas will be more of a bane than a boon for us all? How different do you think this will play out with the different characters and cards we can play at the start of it all? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. As we are able to get more for Back 4 Blood, we will have it here for you. Just be sure to keep an eye out there for it all and much more. Even if we are going to have a few more chances to dive in before launch.