Lost Soul Aside Offers Up Some New Gameplay To Suck Us Further Into The World

Lost Soul Aside

There is some new gameplay for Lost Soul Aside out there that makes Lost Soul Aside give off some new gameplay feels to other titles

Things have been a little quiet on the side of things for Lost Soul Aside but now we have a bit more to see and know for the game. Quite a bit for those that may have been waiting for something new, as we have eighteen minutes of gameplay footage for the game that UltiZero Games has been putting tireless hours into. They have a bunch to do for Lost Soul Aside before it hits the PS4, PS5, and PC but it looks like it is developing insanely well. All to the point where it does look like we can use a few other titles out there to describe the look and feel of this game. I do not want to guide you down that path, so I will not name them. You will just need to see it all for yourself so get ready for a nice long watch of it all.

What you are about to see here shows off how the action combat for Lost Soul Aside will look and flow a bit much like we see in many anime-styled games out there. It looks amazing and glorious, sure, but there is no HUD or indication on how we trigger some of these moves and actions in the mix of it all. It does make me curious about how that will all actually function out there. That seems like the most convoluted parts of it all as the traversal and exploration in Lost Soul Aside looks like it will be much the same basics we should expect. The main weapon we use looks to offer up a cool surfboard kind of thing and various other things. It looks like it could be a whole lot of fun, depending on how we have to press the buttons and use the controls along the way.

Lost Soul Aside — 18 Minutes Of New Gameplay

Check out the new official gameplay footage of Lost Soul Aside.

Game under development does not represent final quality.

How are you feeling about Lost Soul Aside after seeing all of this new gameplay for us here? Does it seem a bit confusing without any context as to how the actions are going on or does it matter if it looks cool in the process? Do you think we will get more of the platforming and exploration in the mix of it all or will it just be from one fight to the next without much more to get into? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all if you wish to do so. We will keep sharing what we can for Lost Soul Aside as we find it. Be sure to keep checking back for all of that and everything else we have to offer up on the site for you.