Blast Into Some Deadly Docks Soon With The Latest For Worms Rumble


A new update for Worms Rumble is coming to add a new arena and a whole lot more into the mix for fans of Worms Rumble

I hope you are enjoying Worms Rumble up to now, as it looks like we will have just a bit more to enjoy on December 17th here. A new update is coming at us all from Team17 that will add in all of the fun new emotes, skins, and a new arena to take on all of our 32 friends we might have out there. Well, more like 32 random players of Worms Rumble because I think it is highly unlikely that we each have that many friends that are out there playing the exact same game as us. It could happen, but I am sure that is only in small pockets of the world for now. I am getting off-topic here, though.

The best news about all of this has to be that this update for Worms Rumble is also a nice free one that we can partake in. More good news for the PS4 and PS5 owners out there given the fact that it was a PS+ title for us to have for free too. Now we will just have more of the game to experience and hopefully dive fully into. Something you might want to do soon too. Some of these updates for Worms Rumble are going to be part of a limited-time event for the holidays and you will not want to miss out on the frozen fun we might have here. You can have a look at it below to see if you are ready to put down other games and head into the blasting world here yet again.

Worms Rumble — Deadly Docks

Team17 has unveiled a new arena for the recently released 32-player Worms Rumble, as part of a bumper free content for the game next Thursday (17th). The new arena, Deadly Dockyard, will see players battle it out in a bustling shipyard packed with shipping containers, cranes, and boats launching from the docks, altering the environment as the action plays out! New Christmas themed cosmetics will also be released as part of the free update, alongside a selection of new premium skins and items. But before that comes today’s debut for The Lab, time-limited game modes that will test even the most adept worm.

Deadly Dockyard is the start of Worms Rumble’s post-launch support, with a roadmap of content through to the end of March 2021 being teased, including additional maps, modes, and more. Starting today, Worms Rumble will receive regular, time-limited game modes in The Lab. Whenever the doors of The Lab open, players can take part in ‘experimental’ matches and unlock exclusive in-game cosmetic rewards. The first, Pistols at Dawn, equips each worm with a hand cannon capable of instantly killing an opponent, and is so powerful that it can only hold a single shot in the clip! Worms taking part during the 48-hour event will secure a Gold Worm Skin. The Lab is open from 3pm GMT today until 3pm GMT on Saturday 12th December.

To celebrate the Holiday season, a selection of free Christmas cosmetics will be available to Worms Rumble players, alongside two new premium outfits befitting the new map. The premium outfits allow players to either set sail as the Sea Captain or sink their teeth into Shark attire. Weapons are also getting fresh looks, celebrating the hugely popular Worms Armageddon with skins that reproduce terrain like Cheese, Forest, and Manhattan from the fan-favorite classic entry, as well as more eccentric emotes, including Goodbye, Selfie, Make It Rain, and Kick Ups.

Have you been playing Worms Rumble since it first came out or will you be waiting for a bit more to add it to the logs? How many more updates do you suspect that we will see before March of 2021 when it looks like they will move on from this one? Do you have 32 friends playing this game right now or was I right in suspecting it will be with a whole lot of random gamers instead? Let us have all of those answers and more down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all as you wish. If we have more for Worms Rumble, we will share it all here. Be sure to keep checking in for all of that and much more.