Get In On The Horrors Early With A Beta Test For Monstrum II


A new trailer for Monstrum II is out there to go along with the announcement for a closed beta for Monstrum II if you want to help shape the game

We have talked about Monstrum II, and its predecessor, in the past and it looks like this one is still on path to drop later this year. Do not worry that this could be a delay announcement. What we do have here is an announcement that Junkfish is ready to take the game to the next big phase of development with a beta test. A beta test that we can all get in on if we so choose to so we can see how Monstrum II currently is and how it could be shaped in the future. You know, the same rigamarole we have with these multiplayer titles out there. Even if this one is more of a survival horror shooter instead of the traditional one that is all the rage with the kids today. All of which is something I hope never falls out of style here.

We also have a new cinematic trailer for Monstrum II here to go along with this nice little announcement. Although, this one looks to have been made in the game's engine and not a high CG version of things. It does help to depict the different styles of gameplay we will get to experience with the 4v1 style and the heavier use of stealth instead of other mechanics other horror titles in the same vein have used. It even gives us that questioning of why someone would make a dumb horror movie choice that might be an option in Monstrum II when we play. I hope so as it will make play the monster so much easier on my end.

Monstrum II — Cinematic Trailer

Monstrum II, the multiplayer survival horror game slated for launch in the last quarter of 2020, is now available for Closed Beta testing as well as pre-purchase.

Indie developer Junkfish’s cult nautical horror game Monstrum returns as an asymmetric multiplayer sequel featuring up to 4v1 gameplay, set on an abandoned sea fortress. Monstrum II takes survival horror to the next level by combining first-person stealth gameplay with extensive procedurally generated environments that keep each playthrough dynamic.

Are you going to try to get in the closed beta for Monstrum II or will you be holding off until you get a full version of it all? Do you think we will see things similar to this for the actual gameplay or will it flow a bit different in the final build of it all? Will you be going for the monster or the survivor when you play or will you aim to balance between the two? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is more for Monstrum II, we will get it on the site for you here. Just be sure to keep checking in for all of that and much more as we press on to the future.