Do Not Open Is What Will Be Asked Of Us In This Upcoming VR Horror Title

Do Not Open

A new VR horror title, Do Not Open, has been announced and Do Not Open aims to take us down a dark escape room bit of fun in VR next year

Horror is taking another form in VR, as we have the announcement for Do Not Open coming to the PSVR hardware next year. Yes, this is going to be an exclusive right now as this is coming from Quasar Dynamics as part of the PlayStation Talent initiative after they have aided in another fun title in the past. I am all about that and possibly getting some advancement in our games and Do Not Open looks like it could do some fun for the VR realm as well. Something that feels like it was made for horror but has been relegated to various little experiences more than anything.

In Do Not Open, we will be taking on the role of Michael J. Goreng, a well-known zoologist and epidemiologist, trapped in his own house where his wife and daughter are held against their will by a supernatural being. We will then need to move about the house and solve puzzles to help free them all and possibly get a truly happy ending. Something that can be shifted based on the play with Do Not Open boasting that it will be varied each time and house multiple endings. I know I am interested to see how this will all pan out and how many will be able to make it through if this trailer is anything to go by for the final gameplay. Have a look.

Do Not Open — Teaser

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain and Quasar Dynamics reveal today a new teaser trailer for Do Not Open, a PlayStation VR exclusive title developed as part of the PlayStation Talents initiative. Do Not Open is a survival horror that features escape room mechanics as well. Michael J. Goreng, the main character, is a well-known zoologist and epidemiologist trapped in his own house where his wife and daughter are held against their will. Goreng will have to solve different puzzles to escape from a mysterious threat while dealing with paranormal activity. The release date of Do Not Open will be confirmed soon.

Quasar Dynamics promises high replayability: in every new game players will have to solve different riddles and events won't happen exactly as before. This feature will allow players to unlock different endings in order to discover the mystery that surrounds the house. The studio was founded as a spin-off of Quasar Dynamics, a company with years of expertise in VR, AR, and XR. In Do Not Open they are turning all their knowledge to video games in a title that will last in VR players' minds for years.

Key Features

  • Experience an interactive escape room. Solve riddles and puzzles to escape from this nightmare and unravel its secrets.
  • Beware of an evil presence lurking in the shadows. Think fast and don’t take too long to solve the puzzles and choose wisely. A dark entity is watching you…
  • Play a different game every time. There are no save points. The rooms of the house will change every time you play depicting Alan’s disturbed mind.

Have you been waiting for a solid horror title to hit us on the PSVR and will Do Not Open be it for you? How many endings do you think will be coming for this game here and will it be truly vast as described here? Do you think that the escape room style of gameplay will fit well in the VR space or will you still go back to your basic titles we currently have? Let us and the world know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. If we have more to share for Do Not Open, we will share it all here. Keep checking back in for all of that and much more.