I'll See You Infamous

More visuals for Infamous have surfaced online from the New York Comic Con for all of us to watch the great continuation of this game. Not only are there some interesting screens of what can be assumed to be some of the powers, but there is a video clip of what these powers look like. Thus making my lead up in that sentence null and void. The assumption part at least.

Looking at the video, I'm not too sure on this game anymore. Granted, it could be just that they wanted to focus on a very small array of abilities you can get, but the ones they show really are not all that awesome. There's of course the ability to throw electricity. But there is also what looks like an electricity grenade that is used quite a bit. Nothing that really looks like the screen captures all that much. Oh, and somehow you can fly or glide a bit by emitting a small charge from your hands. It is a little weird but worth a watch to see.