The Last Of Us Part II Gun Customization Has Fired Off

The Last Of Us

A new video clip for The Last Of Us Part II gives us a bit of a look at how the gun customization in The Last Of Us Part II will function

While the anticipation for The Last Of Us Part II might have us all amped up, the latest we have for the game is a little lackluster. It is something to share and take a look at as we wait for the bigger content dump to take place, though. That is at least the hope for those who will be missing out on what Naughty Dog is bringing to the various events before May 29th now. With that all said, we now have a look at how we will customize our guns in The Last Of Us Part II when it finally does come to our PS4 here soon.

It is about as exciting as it might sound, but this little video clip does give us a look at the fun animation we can expect in The Last Of Us Part II. It looks like we are going to have a fairly standard tree for upgrading our weapons in the game, but we will get to see Ellie go through all of the motions of adding them on when we make the selection. They did manage to choose some of the more basic ones here in the video, as a warning, but it is something nonetheless. My excitement for The Last Of Us to come back is not decreased at all.

The Last Of Us Part II — Gun Customization

Does this do anything for you and your want for The Last Of Us Part II here? Did you expect anything less for the game or is this a little extra getting to watch as she files and cleans the weapons during the upgrade? Will we get this for all of the various crafting in the game or will it be just for the guns? Let us have all of those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss as always. If there is more for The Last Of Us Part II to share, it is obvious that we will share it here. All you need to do is keep coming back to see it all.