Daymare: 1998 Is Coming To Consoles This April Now


The release date for the console version of Daymare: 1998 is now poised for an April release for more gamers to have a chance of diving into the Daymare

There is only a bit longer that gamers interested in Daymare: 1998 will have to wait to finally get to enjoy it on the PS4 and Xbox One. Sure, they could have been all in on the PC version of the game for a while now, but the success there has made it possible for Invader Studios and All In! Games to bring the title over to the consoles. Something that was originally planned a while back but I am sure that the great reception for Daymare: 1998 made it so those plans did not get scrapped as it has for other titles out there that will not be named right now. We will just focus on the title that we have here and move right along as we head toward the April 28th release date for this version of the game.

The odd thing about this, besides Daymare: 1998 coming out just after the RE3 remake, is that there will be a digital version on both the PS4 and Xbox One but only a physical version over on the PS4. Kind of odd as it would seem easy to do it both ways. Maybe there is some other reason behind that option and it will make sense after it hits. Unless this is some kind of deal that had to be made for Daymare: 1998 here and nothing more to it. Either way, have a look at what is out there now and then get ready for the bit of a wait before we will have a chance to dive into this title in a heavy month already.

Daymare: 1998 — Release Trailer (Raven’s Demons)

Raven is strong on the outside, but frightened and unsure deep inside, where the past torments him every day. He went through hell during and after his flight accident, and it stuck with him. Liev picking on him doesn’t help much either. But that’s nothing compared to what lies ahead of him. No matter if he calls it coincidence or fate, the fact remains that new demons are here to haunt him – and Keen Sight soon becomes his new hell. At least the monsters he encounters in the streets of the now-dead town can be taken out and left to rot in a pool of blood. Well, most of them. The question remains if getting through this alive will help him to find the peace he’s been looking for, or if this is just a start of a new torment that some might call a daymare.

Daymare: 1998 is now available to purchase, wishlist, or try out through a demo on Steam, to learn more about what’s lurking in a seemingly inconspicuous little town, overrun by terrifying creatures that once inhabited the area as ordinary people.

Did you hold off on Daymare: 1998 to wait for the console versions or have you gone all-in on the PC version since last year? Do you find it odd that there is only a physical version on one platform or does it matter given how games have gone more digital as of late? Is it interesting to see this RE2 mod base is coming out just after the RE3 remake? Let us know all of that and everything else for the game down below. If there is more to share for Daymare: 1998, we will share it all here for you. Be sure to keep checking in on the site for all of that and much more.