Dawn Of Fear Is Here With Some Gameplay To Look At For Now

Dawn Of Fear

Dawn Of Fear Is out there now and that means we have gameplay from the live version of Dawn Of Fear to look at before we buy

The small indie title, Dawn Of Fear, is out there and Brok3nsite is hoping for us all to get freaked out by the new title and maybe some new franchise to love. We had a small announcement of all of this not too long ago when we found out that it was coming to the PS4 and had many similarities to other horror titles from the '90s. When you watch the gameplay for Dawn Of Fear you can see the other titles that inspired or had elements lifted directly from. Not that we are claiming theft specifically, but…you will be able to see exactly what we are talking about soon.

Having the adjective of 'indie' can make many of us nervous to give the game a chance, but you can see a nice new stream of Dawn Of Fear before you opt to drop the $19.99 USD on it. This means, of course, the horror elements of the game may not be so strong for us all. Depending on your level of fear you can handle. Nonetheless, you can see a nice long bit of gameplay for Dawn Of Fear just below as they try to solve some puzzles, take on zombies, and read all of the hidden documents about the house. I hope that you enjoy it all.

Dawn Of Fear — First 90 Minutes

Dawn Of Fear tells the story of Alex, a young man with a past marked by tragedy. His mother died when she gave birth to him. His father carries on with his life and marries again. After some time, Max is born and becomes Alex’s stepbrother. One day returning from Max’s training they suffer a car accident. Alex, Max, and their father were traveling in the car, and only Alex survived the accident. After a time of mourning. Alex manages to rebuild his life but his stepmother does not and ends up in a psychiatric hospital.

Three years later he receives a letter saying that his stepmother has died and decides to return to the family home to pick up his things.

When he arrives there, he does not find his childhood home but a world of madness and cruelty from which he does not know if he will be able to run away.

In order to help Alex to survive you shall have to use logic to solve the puzzles, manage your ammo in order not to get helpless, and keep your cold blood to avoid being dragged by the horror that permeates the house.

You dare?

What do you think of Dawn Of Fear based on what you have to see here? Does it look like a nice callback to all of those older titles or is that to obfuscate a few other things in the game instead? Is it all too jarring for you to be able to experience or love here? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it all. If there is anything more to offer for Dawn Of Fear, we can bring it to you all here. Be sure to keep checking in on the site to be as up to date as possible.