Here Is A Closer Look At The Collector’s Edition For Life Is Strange 2

Life Is Strange

A new look at the Collector’s Edition for Life Is Strange 2 is here with all of the fun goodies expected for Life Is Strange 2

Just in time before the final episode of Life Is Strange 2 drops on us comes a new look at the Collector’s Edition of the game for those that want a physical form of it all. Not a bad thing, but odd for some of us to wait this long instead of enjoying what DontNod has been dropping thus far. No judgment, but all the judgment. Either way, we have a solid look at what will be coming for all of those that want to immortalize their Life Is Strange 2 experience with some fun collectibles and other goodies while playing the whole story from start to end in one sitting. At least trying to…

As you can see below, this version of Life Is Strange 2 will house not only the full game, but the Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit if you missed out. Also some fun new patches, postcards, artbook, and figurines of Sean and Daniel to prop up over your gaming station. Everything a fan of the Life Is Strange saga would like to have. It is nothing too crazy, but it is sometimes nice to have fun little packages instead of the big monstrosities that we have no real reason to throw down for. You can see what I am talking about right here.

Life Is Strange 2 — Collector’s Edition Soft Bundle
  • Complete Season
  • Standard Edition box for your chosen platform
  • Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit
  • Arcadia Bay Patches
  • 3x Postcards
  • 32pp Hardcover Artbook
  • Sean & Daniel Figures
  • Official Vinyl Score - 4x 7" Box Set
  • Presentation Box

What do you think about this version of Life Is Strange 2 and does it have all the little things you have been looking for? Did you hold off on the game to be certain to get this version of it all or are you dropping the cash now just to get the physical items? Would you have liked a bigger version of all of this or do you like the simpler things we are getting? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If there is more to share for Life Is Strange 2, you know we will do it all right here. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that and much more.