Just How Will The Co-Op Work In Man Of Medan

Man Of Medan

New gameplay footage for Man Of Medan shows us just how the co-op mode in Man Of Medan will actually work when we play the game

Last week we found out that Man Of Medan was going to have some multiplayer options to the game when it launched. The game will still have its solo mode, but Supermassive Games is giving us a way to play co-op online and with many friends on the couch. Not the big news here. The news we have here is that we now have a look at just how that online multiplayer will work when Man Of Medan launches. August 30th is not too far off, so it could be worth a look to see if you and your gaming buddies will want to go in for the game and all the fun it could house.

It is not too clear where in the story of Man Of Medan this all takes place, but the video shows the two very different points of view for each player. Obviously, this is for the two different screens each will be playing on. The more interesting aspect has to be the elements where the players need to actively work together in the scene and not just select options from a QTE menu. Still something cool, but it does look like there could be all kinds of issues in Man Of Medan if you are not in complete sync with each other. Just as it should be in a game all about choice and consequence. You can see just what I am talking about in the below footage for the game.

Man Of Medan — Co-op Gameplay

The Dark Pictures: Man Of Medan is fully playable as an online co-op experience. Watch a whole scene played through from both points of view.

Does this give you a better feel for how Man Of Medan will work in multiplayer? Does it look like it could all be more hassle than fun if it truly requires each player to be in tune with each other? Could this just have been a look at how things could go if they were not? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. When we have more for Man Of Medan, we will share it all here for you. All you need to do is keep in sync with the site to see the updates and thoughts about it all.