Paranoid Has A Bit More Of The Gameplay To Drive You Mad


Another video for Paranoid is here for us to get a feel for the room that will be our prison when we play Paranoid

It is time for us to get to know the room we will be in when we spin up Paranoid after it launches. There is still no word on when that is going to be on the PC, but Madmind Studios is working hard on a few things so we will just need to wait for when that happens. Again, not the reason we are here for Paranoid as we have a new trailer to take in and get a look at what is going on in the game. All we have had in the past has been a few of the teases and a word that the game is coming. Now we get to dive into "The Room" in the game…

I say that as the story of Paranoid dives into the mind of Patrick Calman whom lost his family a while back to some "mysterious circumstances." I am sure we will get to know how that goes in the game due to the fact that it kicks off with Patrick getting a call from his missing sister so far after the event. This is where the title Paranoid comes in as he secludes himself away and tries to figure out just what happened. There are many of the same feelings to RE7 here in the trailer, but no word if it will actually play in the same way.

Paranoid — The Room

The game tells the story of Patrick Calman, a 31-year-old man who has lost his entire family under mysterious circumstances. His parents died violently and his sister went suddenly missing. Trauma associated with the loss of his loved ones destroyed Patrick's psyche. His own apartment became his prison.

One day Patrick gets a call and the voice on the phone seems to belong to his sister. Thirteen years after the disappearance, she announces her comeback. To learn the truth about everything Patrick will have to leave his life of seclusion, exposing himself to horrible experiences that will put him on the verge of madness.

Paranoid — Screenshot Paranoid — Screenshot Paranoid — Screenshot

What are your thoughts on Paranoid based on all of what we have now? Do you think it will be like the gameplay of the tapes in RE7 or will that be different in the final game? Do you think that we will get some solid answers in the game or will it lean into the madness and stay ambiguous as we get the story out there? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. When there is more for Paranoid out there, we will dive in and give it all to you. Just be sure to keep coming back to the site for it all.