Planet Zoo Is Announced As A New Simulator To Create Our Own Zoo

Planet Zoo

A new simulator game, Planet Zoo, is announced to let us craft our own zoos and see if we have what it takes to make the ultimate Planet Zoo

A new simulator game is announced today as we have word that Planet Zoo is going to be a thing PC gamers can play this coming Fall. This would be the next title in the run of other simulators out there from Frontier Developments. You may remember them from their more recent Jurassic Park Evolution simulator that had you building different styles of zoo. Planet Zoo will be focusing more on the traditional one we know and love in the real world instead of the fantasy ones many have dreamt of for years. This is not a bad thing at all, but something worth noting before you think it will be something different.

From what can be seen in the announcement for Planet Zoo, it looks to be going back to the more traditional style of simulator game than JWE was. We will be building our own zoo and managing all of the aspects of that to keep patrons happy and then expand out more. All while seeing some of the most realistic animals and environments simulated in our builds. You can see the announcement for Planet Zoo just below and marvel at how these animals look and move in the video. This may not be any form of gameplay, but it is mentioned that this will be the goal from the developer when the game does finally launch on PCs around the world.

Planet Zoo — Announcement

Frontier Developments is proud to announce Planet Zoo. From the makers of Planet Coaster (2016) and Jurassic World Evolution (2018) comes the ultimate zoo simulation, featuring authentic living animals, rich management, and limitless creativity. Build and manage a truly modern zoo where animal welfare and conservation comes first. Simulation runs wild in Planet Zoo, exclusively for PC in Autumn 2019.

Planet Zoo presents the most authentic animals in videogame history. From playful lion cubs to mighty elephants, every animal in Planet Zoo is an individual who thinks, feels and explores the world you build around them. They care about their surroundings and each other, with complex environmental and social needs. Nurture your animals throughout their lives, study and manage every species to see them thrive, and help them raise young to pass their genes onto future generations.

Manage your own zoo in an expressive world that reacts to every choice you make. Focus on the big picture or go hands-on and look after the smallest details. Thrill visitors with prestigious animals and famous exhibits, develop your zoo and research new technologies, and release animals back into the wild to repopulate the planet.

Unleash your creativity with the next evolution of Planet Coaster’s best-in-class creation mechanics. Craft stunning scenery and habitats, dig lakes and rivers, raise hills and mountains, and carve tunnels and caves as you build your own zoo. See your animals and visitors respond to your creative vision, and share your designs with friends in Planet Zoo’s online community. Bring the world’s greatest designs home to your own zoo for your animals and visitors to enjoy.

What thoughts do you have on Planet Zoo as it all looks here? Do you think that this video will be indicative of the final game in terms of realism or is this all a flashy way to grab our attention with gameplay being a little less interesting? Are you still enjoying simulator games or is this a very niche genre for many gamers out there to still look into? Give us your feedback down below. When there are updates for Planet Zoo, we will add them to the site. Stick around for that in the near future.