Dollhouse Has A Release Date Confirmed For PC & PS4


The release date for Dollhouse is set and this new psychological horror game will soon ask us to survive the Dollhouse

We now have a release date for Dollhouse and it looks like May 24th will be that date. That will be for both the PC and PS4 versions of the game that Creazn Studio will have for us. This falls in about the line I was thinking of for Dollhouse given what we have seen in the past. Now we know we will have one more horror title mixed in just before the summertime that is coming up. Not the time I would have wanted to see a horror game, yet here we are and in the middle of a few others releasing out there too. There will be one style for everyone it would seem.

In addition to this, we also have an announcement for an open beta for Dollhouse. This will take place during April 13th and 14th for those selected to join in and will help test out some of the online multiplayer and single player aspects of Dollhouse. It is a little weird to say it is an open beta yet still require gamers to sign up for a chance, but it is how they are going about it. You can sign up for that at the link here.

Dollhouse — Release Date

The first person psychological horror game Dollhouse launches on May 24 this year, for PlayStation 4 and Steam. A physical version will be released as well for PlayStation 4. This date was unveiled today when SOEDESCO and Creazn Studio released a haunting new Dollhouse trailer in dark 1950’s film noir style. Additionally, an Open Beta is scheduled for the game.

The trailer shows Marie, once “The Greatest Detective in the World” but now suffering from amnesia, on a terrifying investigation inside Dollhouse. Confronted with disturbing entities, cryptic clues, and deadly traps, she’ll have to regain her memories and escape Dollhouse before it’s too late.

In order to survive, Marie has the power to remove objects and temporarily stun her pursuer with the Flash feature, which is also visible in the trailer. Furthermore, there’s the “Focus” feature which enables Marie to see through the eyes of her stalker.

Are you surprised to see that Dollhouse will be launching this coming May? Do you think it would have been better to launch in October or does it make a bit more sense here? Why do you think it is called an open beta when you still need to sign up and get selected to join? Tell us your thoughts in the comments. I will share as much as I can for Dollhouse and all you need to do it be here for it all. Keep checking in on the site for that and all of our other content.