Hack & Stealth Your Way Through The Upcoming Evotinction


During the China Hero Project showcase, we received a new look at Evotinction that will combine stealth gameplay with a bit of computer hacking

Add one more game to the interesting ones to keep an eye on as we have Evotinction to take in here. This would be a new hack and stealth title from Spikewave Games where the gameplay sounds about as you would suspect. We need to sneak around some kind of futuristic location while hacking into systems around us to help keep hidden or keep the enemy moving right past us. That is Evotinction in the most basic of nutshells as it was recently shown off for the world and heading to the PS4. I am certain there is a lot more to the game than just that, but this is what we have to share for now.

Okay, that is a little off as we also have a bit of gameplay to look at for Evotinction today as well. It shows off just about was mentioned here already but in a better visual way that is damn impressive. You can see it all in motion down below and see the written out version of what you have seen too. I do wish I had more to give you for Evotinction but this is the stage we are in for its development and we will need to take it at this point. I do hope that this is just the start of something new to come at us in the coming weeks and months.

Evotinction — PlayStation China Hero Project Spring Showcase

Spikewave Games is a passionate game development team founded by four experienced hardcore game developers whose years of close cooperation have forged a shared vision in addition to a highly efficient team.

Evotinction is a third-person stealth game featuring unique hacking mechanics. The developers share an enormous passion for the stealth genre and wish to provide a complex and dynamic stealth experience for players. A variety of hacking skills, environment devices, and gadgets provide rich emergent gameplay.

Set in the near future, Evotinction aims to discuss the relationship between evolution and extinction. As technology rapidly develops, its potential threat grows as well. Artificial intelligence, gene editing, and quantum entanglement are just a few emerging technologies that will challenge mankind’s understanding of life and morality. The trend cannot be undone, how far will our species go with technology?

What thoughts do you have for Evotinction based on what we have here? Is it too little of information to fully know if this will be a game for you or does it pique the interest enough to keep an eye on it? Do you suspect this will be another title shown off for E3 this year or will we need to wait a bit longer for a better showing? Let us know what you think down below. If and when we have more for Evotinction, we will share it with you on the site. As always, keep checking back in on the site for all of the new and updates we may get.