Ardyn Is Coming Back In Full Force In Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy

The release date for the next DLC for Final Fantasy XV is set and we will get to experience things from the point of view of Final Fantasy XV’s villain

You may have missed it in the past or just have been occupied by other games as of late, but a new DLC episode for Final Fantasy XV is on the way and now we have a date for it. As a quick recap for those who have forgotten, a full episode for Ardyn, the main villain of the game, was announced to be on its way and play much like the other character-driven DLC we have had in the past. All so we can get more story for it all and put a bit more Gil in the pockets of Square Enix. Also to keep the love of Final Fantasy XV flowing out there until the next title releases but that would be a happy side effect from all of this.

None of that is truly new news for Final Fantasy XV. What we do have that is new is that we will see this new episode on March 26th now and we also have a nice little prologue to get us back up to speed on the character. Also to give us a few little tidbits to see what Ardyn's motivations in the core game were and how they may be expanded upon in this new DLC. All in a nice anime format for those who enjoy that. You enjoy Final Fantasy so it is safe to assume that you will get a full kick out of what was placed out there for us to get the hype train rolling.

If that is not your particular jam, you can skip to the end of the video where we get to see Ardyn in action again in Final Fantasy XV. This time from the player's point of view so we can see just how he may handle in the game. We will not know for certain until we get to go hands-on with it all but it is a nice little look. There is also a bit more on the story we will get to experience in the episode. Maybe you will want to sit through this little prologue then as it will certainly play a larger role in the game now. This is Final Fantasy after all.

Final Fantasy XV — Episode Ardyn — Prologue

In Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn players can experience a brand new storyline from the perspective of Ardyn Lucis Caelum. Set 35 years before the events of Final Fantasy XV, follow the notorious villain through being freed from an extra-long life of imprisonment and entering the world of darkness, to seeking vengeance against the Lucian royal family.

Players can utilize Ardyn’s villainous powers that can devastate his enemies in daemonic ways, as well as fly freely across the map, quickly moving around Insomnia by Shadow-Stepping to map points. Fans of Final Fantasy XV will also enjoy encountering familiar faces, albeit younger versions than have been seen before as well as exciting and essential new characters such as the scientist Verstael Besithia and the priestess Aera Mirus Fleuret.

Are you fully up to speed on all things Final Fantasy XV now or did you need this little reminder? Do you think we may see more episodes of DLC at later dates or will this one close it all out for now? Do you think playing through his story will weaken the character in the long run or will it give us all that god-like feeling again? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If there is more for Final Fantasy XV or the franchise in general, we will have it all here. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of that in due time.