Virtually Choose Your Own Way Through Afterlife


The first dev diary for Afterlife is here to show us how the team has started to bring this VR choose-your-own-adventure about the Afterlife to life

Here we go with a new little twist on the VR and live-action as Afterlife is bringing both of those together to give us an interesting experience with a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure twist. That is at least as it basically sounds with a darker and grimmer style of story tacked on here. I mean, Signal Space Lab is taking us through an "intimate journey through tragedy, grief, and acceptance" in the experience here so… In any instance, we have a new behind the scenes look at how Afterlife is being put together to show that a great VR game can be done with live-action sequences and not all virtually generated stuff. A lofty goal to reach, but it seems doable.

As you can see in the following developer diary, we can see how the scenes in Afterlife have been set up and shot for us to experience. It looks like the crew is using 360° cameras so I am not sure how physical movement could work here or if we are just going to be able to view the events in a standing space and choose from there. This is how other games like Afterlife have done it without the VR, so I think it will be safe to make the assumption it will be the same here. It is still a cool idea to me, even if it does look to go down some rather grim paths to tell a story and show off another side of life.

Afterlife — Making Of An Interactive VR Film

In this first dev diary video, the developers of Afterlife invite you to take a closer look behind the story and production. What it is to be present in space but not in life, and why it is essential to be living the present moment. These are all part of Afterlife, an intimate journey through tragedy, grief, and acceptance.

What are your thoughts on Afterlife so far and do you see it being what we have been looking for? Do you think we will have any other movement in the experience besides just looking around or will there be some kind of movement mixed in? Do you think this will lead to other experiences and films to go the same path or just another VR experiment that one a select few will truly get behind? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. As we learn more for Afterlife, we will have it up on the site for you. Just be sure to keep coming back here to see and experience it all.