Head Out Into The Wastes With New Gameplay For Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry

The first bit of gameplay for Far Cry New Dawn is here and it gives us a small look at how this is its own Far Cry game and not an expansion

Fresh on the heels of the recent announcement for Far Cry New Dawn, we have some new gameplay to take in to give us a better look at the world and just what we will be doing in the game. Given that Ubisoft is aiming to bring the game at us on February 15th still, it is good to see more of it even if it still feels very familiar. Given how close it is launching based on the release of Far Cry 5 and all of its DLC, it feels like it is an expansion of sorts, but everyone and everything is stating it to be its own thing. I guess that is why we can dive in and see how it is its own thing with this new gameplay.

Below you will see a quick six-minutes of new footage for Far Cry New Dawn. It takes a bit through who we are and why we are doing what we are doing in the game as well as nice look at part of the new Hope County as it survived the seventeen years since the bombs dropped. Have a look at it all and see what fun may be waiting for us all when we choose to dive back into the game here.

Far Cry New Dawn — 6 Minutes Of Gameplay Featuring Pastor Jerome

Check out six minutes of gameplay from an alpha build of the just-announced Far Cry New Dawn, as you meet Far Cry 5’s Pastor Jerome in the post-apocalyptic, post-superbloom county of Hope County.

More or less, Far Cry New Dawn looks like and looks to play like the last game in the series. Not a huge surprise given that there is not much room for deviation as it is all set up. Not in a bad way, but it is what we have come to expect from the franchise. It does seem a bit weird that only seventeen years have gone by and the world is in the state that it is, but we can give that a pass given all of the other bleak worlds we have out there. I just kind of wish we had a chance to see the new guns for hire here. Without that, Far Cry New Dawn is looking more like an expansion than a new game. Even the one we have to see here is from the last game. This could just be the slice that they opted to give us for now, but it screams more expansion than a new game here.

What are you thinking about Far Cry New Dawn after seeing more of it up and running? Do you like the new look that they are taking with the post-apocalyptic world or did you want something darker here? Do you see this being more of an expansion than a full game or is it just what we have been shown so far that is causing that feeling? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If there is more to share for Far Cry New Dawn, we will share it all here. Just keep coming on back here and you will see it all.