Devil May Cry 5 Has A Collector’s Edition That Is Bringing Us The RV

Devil May Cry

The Collector’s Edition for Devil May Cry 5 has been detailed out and it is bringing many of the iconic items from Devil May Cry 5 to life

It is time to add another cool looking Collector’s Edition to the mix as we now have a look at what will be coming for Devil May Cry 5 when it launches on March 8th. Yes, it looks like Capcom is bringing that RV to life for us as it is the big item for the box here. You know, the RV that caught all of our attention when Devil May Cry 5 was first announced and has been pretty prominent in so many of the follow-up videos we have had since. It looks cool, but it is only going to be about eight inches so it may not be as big as the images make it seem here. Just know that before you drop the $150 USD on securing your copy there.

In addition to that, it will also come with a cool looking box to house all of these Devil May Cry items. Also an art book, a pin, bumper sticker, and a nice cloth print for the game. That one actually has a bit of size to it. The other good thing about all of this is that it is actually coming with a copy of Devil May Cry 5 unlike some of those other weird ones that do not have the game in tow. Have a look and see what is coming there and with the Deluxe Edition of the game.

Devil May Cry 5 — Collector’s Edition

Collector’s Edition

  • The Game — Deluxe Edition of Devil May Cry 5
  • Motor Home Replica – 8” — The Motor Home Replica is the center piece of the Devil May Cry 5 Collector’s Edition. With a neon color marquee Devil May Cry sign; the demons will see you coming.
  • Nico’S Toolbox — The Motor Home Replica, Art Book, Pin, Bumper Sticker, and Cloth Print arrive packaged in Nico’s Toolbox.
  • Art Book & Notes From Nico’s Workbench — The Devil May Cry Motor Home is Nico’s home and workshop. Dig through her notes and weapon designs!
  • Premium Pin & Bumper Sticker — The Devil May Cry RV is Nico’s home, mobile office and gunsmithin’ workshop. Dig through her notes and weapon designs, then check out some exclusive concept art, storyboards and sketches of the underworld. Just remember to keep yer hands off the hardware in there!
  • Exclusive Cloth Print — 11” x 17” cloth print of exclusive art from the game.

Deluxe Edition

  • ALT Hero & Heroine Colors — A set of special costume colors for Nero, Dante, Nico, Lady, and Trish.
  • 100,000 Red Orbs — Upgrade your character early
  • Gercera GP01 — A special Devil Breaker inspired by the legendary creator Shoji Kawamori. Fires shockwaves from its five fingers, which can be controlled freely on the ground or in the air.
  • Pasta Breaker — A Devil Breaker that makes pasta extra easy to eat. Created by Nico for clumsy Nero from Helter Skelter and Punch Line parts. The revolving fork on the end is neat, but it’s not particularly useful in battle.
  • Sweet Surrender — A Devil Breaker created by Nico to relieve Kyrie’s tension. Nero is too rough to do the job without hurting Kyrie, so this device is made of soft materials. Its vibration feature is especially effective at alleviating shoulder and hip pain.
  • Mega Buster — A weapon that recreates Mega Man’s legendary Mega Buster. Boasting a unique silhouette, it’s designed for long-range attacks. Equipping it activates special variations on the side roll and jump moves.
  • Cavaliere R — A version of the Cavaliere weapon Dante acquires, which has been customized by Nico for Dante’s use. Its instantaneous output has been increased, and its appearance matches Dante’s thematic color. Can be used in-game after acquiring the Cavaliere.
  • Battle Tracks DMC1-4 — Allows you to change the battle music to tracks from Devil May Cry 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  • ALT Style Rank Announcers & ALT Title Calls — Alt Style Rank Announcers. Changes the style rank announcer voice. Use the Gallery > Jukebox option to change (available after starting mission 2). Alt Title Calls. Changes the title call voice. Use the Gallery > Jukebox option to change (available after starting mission 2).
  • Live Action Cutscenes — Changes the in-game cutscenes to the live-action movies recorded during development. Use the Options > Cutscene Customize option to change (available after starting mission 2).

All in all, it all looks like some solid things here for Devil May Cry 5. Although, I do want to question the addition of live action cutscenes only in the Deluxe Edition of the game. It seems like an odd move for Capcom to go with to me. All the DLC and little extras for dropping a little more cash on the Deluxe Edition, but why are they filming live action scenes that the average Devil May Cry player may miss out on? It seems like it would be a cool thing in general, but way more costly than some out there are going to be willing to pay for. Maybe I am off on how I see the fanbase though. Just a thing to note when looking at your options.

How are you feeling about this Collector’s Edition of Devil May Cry 5? Does the price seem a bit off for what we are getting here or do you think that the RV lights up and does other things as we have seen in their past bundles for other IPs? Do you think it is weird to have the live action option but only for those who spend more than just the base price? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Devil May Cry 5, though, be sure to keep swinging by here. We will keep you as informed as we can.