Arca’s Path Will Be Focusing On Our Comfort When It Comes To Controls

Arca’s Path

The latest developer diary for Arca’s Path is here to dive into how we will control things in Arca’s Path and how it will be about our comfort

When it comes to VR we all want to have a nice comfortable experience and it looks like that is something we can expect when it comes to Arca’s Path. That is at least one of the goals that Dream Reality Interactive is aiming for with the game in the way they are designing it. Comfort and control is the true goal. Given what we have so far, and the new developer diary for Arca’s Path, it looks like it is something they are succeeding at. That is unless they change things up since the last time Rebellion gave me a chance to actually play the game.

In Arca’s Path, we will be controlling the game by looking in the direction we want the ball to roll in. Distance from its current point also dictates the speed it rolls. As it is described in the following video it feels a lot like telekinesis or mind control as you pretty much just look to where you want everything to go. It sounds like it could be a pain in a VR setting, but it truly does work in Arca’s Path. It also works well no matter the choice of platform as each has their own controllers but all still use the same head-tracking mechanics. A good aspect to capitalize on indeed.

Arca’s Path — Dev Diary 3: Comfort & Control

In this developer diary, we explore the reasons behind having the control system linked to the movement of the player’s headset rather than a traditional control system involving controllers.

Gain insight into why accessibility and comfort were a key influence in the development process for Arca’s Path VR.

What do you think about all of this for Arca’s Path that we have here now? Does it make sense to use this as the control system or do you think they should have used a more traditional system with our hands? Do you see how easy it will be to get into or will it take a lot more effort for you to master? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. For more Arca’s Path news and updates, keep yourself on the site here. We will keep it all coming at you as best we can and you will not want to miss out.