Get Ready To Rampage On A Horse With No Name In Darksiders III


We finally have a look at the next horse for Darksiders as well as a new recap on some of the lore just before Darksiders III launches

It seemed to take some time but now we have a look at Fury and Rampage for Darksiders III now. Rampage being her horse that she will be riding and having all kinds of fun within the game. I know I was starting to worry that Gunfire Games was going to leave the horse out of the game, but knew it would not actually happen. It would have been odd, for sure, but the black horse is now here and it looks to be a more playful one than we have seen in the past Darksiders titles. That part seems a bit odd, but it could just be how THQ Nordic is promoting the game at this point as we only have a few more days until it hits the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

As you will see below, there is not much more given in terms of Darksiders III and how the horse will interact. I am going to guess that it is going to be more of the basic mode of travel, as before, but I know I have always been hoping for something more than that over the franchise. Especially as it does not look like Fury has any guns as her brothers have. That is something the blended well with the horse before and I am not sure how the whip she holds will do the same. Thankfully, as I mentioned, we have little time to wait for Darksiders III to hit us and then we will have those answers.

Darksiders III — Horse With No Name

Ruin follows War,

Despair follows Death,

Rampage follows Fury.

Meet Rampage, the Black Horse.

In addition to that, we also have a nice look at a bit more of the Darksiders lore to take in as well. More for those who have little to no knowledge of the franchise but a nice little recap of the Horsemen to get the motors going today. It should be second hat for those familiar with the franchise, but worth a nice little watch. I will take it as I need as much for Darksiders III at this point and we seem to have had so little of the same leading up to now.

Darksiders III — Lore: The Horsemen

The Nephilim, an ancient race born from the union of Angels and Demons by the powerful Demon Lilith. Led by the first of their kind, Absalom, the Nephilim rose up as powerful conquerors, and soon sought to take Eden for themselves. The Charred Council saw the Nephilim’s threat to the Balance and condemned them to death. They chose four Nephilim champions who wished to end the Nephilim’s destructive reign and granted them unimaginable power, in exchange for eradicating the rest of the Nephilim race. These champions became known as the Four Horsemen.

Are you glad to finally see Rampage in Darksiders III or were you hoping they would have held off on it a bit longer? Do you think that Fury will have her own set of guns in the game or will they sit this one out? Could we have more than just basic riding for the horse here or will that be where Rampage will be forced to for now? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Darksiders III, though, be sure to keep checking back in here. We will keep it all flowing out there up to and beyond launch.