There Are Always Repercussions In The Dark Pictures’ Man Of Medan

Man Of Medan

A new trailer for Man Of Medan shows off a bit more of the horrors waiting us and also how the story of Man Of Medan will play out and narrated

There are still a whole lot of questions floating around out there for Man Of Medan since it was announced, and it looks like we get very few answers in the way of it all with the latest trailer. That is unless your question was along the lines of how Supermassive Games was going to narrate the tales along the way. Based on the latest video we have here for The Dark Pictures – Man Of Medan, it looks to play out just as we have seen in their past title. With some kind of narrator dictating how things made it to where they are and tasking us with moving on or fixing any errors in the tale. Read that as actually playing through the events of the game and such.

All of this is taken from the latest trailer for Man Of Medan we have where we see that play out slightly. Also a bit more of the horrors waiting for our group when they board that "Ghost Ship" we know they are going on. It is just safe to assume at this point that the narrator here in this trailer will have some kind of presence to link all of the other stories into the one massive one we are getting. I may be wrong but we do need someone to track all of our choices that will alter events and deaths in Man Of Medan and the other stories yet to be announced. Have a look and see if I am way off base here and such.

The Dark Pictures – Man Of Medan — Ghost Ship

Embark on a troublesome journey in a stormy sea… Live or die by your decisions in The Dark Pictures – Man Of Medan, from the creators of Until Dawn. Remember there are always repercussions.

Will you be able to save the lives of 5 unfortunate stowaways? The Dark Pictures – Man Of Medan coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019.

Do you agree with me on how things will play out here in The Dark Pictures – Man Of Medan or am I way off? Will each of these be their own contained story or will they all play into a larger thing as we see the other stories or episodes flow out? Is this the way you figured the game would progress given the team's past titles and how they did the same thing? Let us all know down in the comments here and then feel free to discuss. If you want more for Man Of Medan, you will want to stick close to the site here. We will keep all of those updates coming to you as best and fast that we can.