Twin Mirror’s First Solid Gameplay Is Here To Bend Our Minds

Twin Mirror

The first gameplay for Twin Mirror is here to give us a look at the first episode as well as gameplay mechanics for Twin Mirror

We have seen a whole lot weirdness for Twin Mirror so far and it has all been in-game footage. One could say it has all been gameplay footage so far, but now we are back with something from DontNod directly that dives into the actual gameplay mechanics we will be playing with when the first episode drops in 2019. Things may change or be hidden as of right now, given the wait we still have, at least we have something solid to go on for the few things we have been wondering for Twin Mirror for a while now. Like the Double and Mind Space that always seems to be in the trailers but not fully described until now.

To start off, The Double does not seem to be an actual gameplay mechanic in Twin Mirror but more of a story mechanic to be used. Used in the way that this is the embodiment of Sam's "aggressive" side of his personality. Not that The Double is specifically violent in terms of aggression. More along the lines of Sam's hidden bravery or ID if you will. I think that is the right one there. The inner voice we all have that helps dictate how we wish we had handled things. I am sure we will learn more in Twin Mirror as it will most likely be used to drive the story as the team needs it to.

The next we have the Mind Space for Twin Mirror. This is the way that the game is defining how Sam reconstructs scenes to investigate without using any kind of magic or technology that we normally see for this. Since he is trying to figure out what happened after his friend's funeral, this will be something we will need to keep using throughout the experience here. Not much more than rebuilding and then offering up options based on clues we have found in the real world. I am curious if there will be multiple options for each so we could bungle the investigation in Twin Mirror, but there is no word on that as of yet.

Twin Mirror — Gameplay

The trailer, featuring commentary of the game’s first episode Lost On Arrival, guides players through the core elements of the narrative adventure, learning more about Basswood, The Double and the Mind Palace mechanics.

The commentated walkthrough will take players to the very first puzzle of the game. It will demonstrate how players will use Sam’s mental space to unlock the mysteries of Basswood — and find answers to how he awoke in his motel room with a shirt covered in blood.

Twin Mirror’s first episode, Lost On Arrival will be available 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Does all of this make more sense for Twin Mirror or do you need a better break down of the game before 2019? Do you think that we will see The Double used outside of driving story or will that be where it is always at? Can we find wrong clues in our Mind Space or will it always guide us down the correct path to complete the story of the game? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Twin Mirror, keep checking back in here. We will keep bringing all of those videos for you to take in and figure things out.