Devil May Cry 5 Has A Few Ultra Limited Editions Out There Now

Devil May Cry

New editions of Devil May Cry 5 are out there for order in Japan and will take your Devil May Cry cosplay to a completely new level

All of you super fans of Devil May Cry should be alerted now as there are a few new Ultra Limited Editions of the game out there to pre-order and import in. Note the import in for those outside of Japan as it looks like what we are about to bring up are only offered there currently by Capcom. That said, also note that I mention super fans here for Devil May Cry 5 as these new editions will be setting you back a pretty penny if you go down this path to get the game before March 8th or next year. At least you will have time to save up once you hear about the cost it will all be.

That all said, there are now three new editions for Devil May Cry 5 to look at for your purchasing needs out of the Capcom Japan store and each of which will come with a genuine leather coat based on the character the edition is linked to. Those characters being Nero, Dante, and the new V for the team. All of which will be sized based on the character in the game and battle-worn to fit. So hopefully you are the right size for all of that. Especially when you are looking at $5,300 USD for V, $6,600 USD for Nero, and $8,000 USD for the Dante version of Devil May Cry 5's bundle here. Pretty hefty for a coat you may not even be able to wear. Although they do look pretty cool as you can see below.

Devil May Cry 5 Ultra Limited Edition — Nero Devil May Cry 5 Ultra Limited Edition — Dante Devil May Cry 5 Ultra Limited Edition — V

Do any of these look like the version of Devil May Cry 5 you will be aiming for or will you let them stay in Japan alone? Do you think it a bit odd to have it fit the game's character and not the one dropping the money on the jacket? Do you even care and will be just putting it on display if you do opt to pick it up in this form? Let us all know out there what you are thinking and then discuss down in the comments. For more Devil May Cry 5, and hopefully cheaper options, be sure to keep checking in here. We will keep all of the updates coming for you as best and fast as we can.