It Is Story Time Here For Just Cause 4

Just Cause

A story trailer for Just Cause 4 is here to give you a little more on why Rico is back and doing what he is doing in Just Cause 4

We have had a bit of the story so far for Just Cause 4 and just why Rico is heading out to cause all kinds of havoc. Yes, there is a story behind it all and not just a reason for Avalanche Studios to throw out a destruction simulator and call it a day. Details have been a bit sparse on the story here, but we have had tidbits roll in since Just Cause 4 was announced. Now we have more of the story to take in as we wait just a bit longer for December 4th to finally roll up on us and take us into the mix with Rico and crew. Not that we should need much more to be willing to do it than what we have seen thus far.

As it would turn out, Rico is heading out to this South American location in Just Cause 4 to find out the truth surrounding his father's death. Also to see what is causing all of these horrible storms and tornados out there. That is a bit more of the takeaway here from the new trailer and text we have for it all. My guess is that there will be something deeper going on and another twist so that Just Cause 4 is not the final one in the franchise. You can have a look at it all just below and be the judge for yourself though. Enjoy.

Just Cause 4 — Story Trailer

Now rogue from the Agency, in Just Cause 4 Rico Rodriguez travels to the South American inspired Island of Solís, hell-bent on uncovering the truth behind his father’s death. Solís is a place ravished by powerful storms and tornados, it’s in a state of unrest and on the brink of war. The ruthless Black Hand militia, led by the dangerous Gabriella, are using everything they have to keep the situation under control. Rico soon forms an alliance with Mira, a rebellious dissident before finding himself leading an army as he fights, grapples and wingsuits his way through conspiracies and chaos.

Are you ready to play out this story for Just Cause 4 or are you still working on all of the stories you have right now? Do you think there will be a huge twist in the story to keep us all on our toes or will it be as linear as it seems here? Do you think that Rico's father will still be dead or will that be a huge twist in things? Let us all know down in the comments what you are thinking and then feel free to discuss. For more on Just Cause 4, be sure to keep coming back to the site here. We will keep all of the information flowing out to you as best we can.