Get To Know More Of The Charred Council Before Playing Darksiders III


New lore videos for Darksiders III are coming and the first one out gives us a recap and look at The Charred Council that governs Darksiders thus far

It feels strange to me to know that Darksiders III is going to be some gamer's first introduction to the franchise on November 27th. Some due to age and not being able to fully enjoy the titles since THQ Nordic was even around and others who have only started to pay attention since Gunfire Games took over. No matter the case, there are some new gamers coming in and they most likely missed out on the story from before. They need to be brought up to speed on just what is going on in Darksiders III before they set out to save the world with Fury. Or destroy it further depending on how the game actually goes.

This is most likely why the team has started up a small video series to go deeper into the lore that Darksiders III is founded on. It also sits as a nice refresher for those of us who have been with the franchise since birth and have been distracted over the last few years. Nonetheless, we have our first in the series to get us all ready for launch and this one goes into The Charred Council and their role in all of the events. They are the one who set up the deal between Heaven and Hell and placed seals on the deal. The seals that were broken and kickstarted everything in the first Darksiders. They are also the ones allowing for things to be fixed, and thus the story, in the games so far. Have a look and have a nice refresh though.

Darksiders III — The Charred Council

The Charred Council…

Bound by ancient laws, they are charged by the Creator to preserve the Balance. Believing that any great power, left unchecked, threatens the very fabric of existence. Long ago, the Council fostered a truce between Heaven and Hell and bound the pact by the Seven Seals, decreeing that once the 3rd kingdom, the kingdom of man, stood ready, the Seven Seals would be broken. This would mark the beginning of the Endwar, a battle that would bring true balance to the universe and decide the ultimate fate of the 3 kingdoms.

Did you remember all of this from the past Darksiders titles or was it a refresher that you needed? Do you think this will be part of the final game in general or will they be all in these outside videos for promotion? Do you think we will get a "story so far" kind of video for those who have truly missed out until now? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As we dig up more for Darksiders III, we will place it all online for you. Just keep checking back in here as we will keep all of the updates flowing out to you.