Take A Long Walk Down The Road Toward Life Is Strange 2

Life Is Strange

A new sneak peek for Life Is Strange 2 is here as well as a long look at how the developers are crafting the latest Life Is Strange title

A new developer diary for Life Is Strange 2 is here to give us yet another look at the new season for the game as well as some new insight into how it was all made. At least as much as DontNod can give us without spoiling any of the surprises they have set up for us. I hope you did not come here to find out any of that as you will be sorely met down and make us all question your motives in life. At least as it all goes for Life Is Strange 2 here and just what we should be excited for on September 27th when that first episode does hit the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

I will tell you before you dive into this latest video for Life Is Strange 2, it is way more on the ‘How The Game Was Made’ side of things than showing off anything new for the game. Some of you out there do not value this kind of information so you can move right along as I did not see much in the way of new gameplay footage here. There is a lot of talk on how and why the developers made the choices they did as well as a look at the two actors who voice acted the Sean and Daniel in Life Is Strange 2. Surprisingly, both actors are closer to the character's ages than we saw in the previous titles. That is now a fun fact you will know before diving in.

Life Is Strange 2 — The Road To

The first episode of our all-new story of road trips, brotherhood, and coming-of-age is almost ready to land in the hands of players all over the world.

In preparation for release, DontNod and Square Enix are giving one last sneak peek at Episode 1, and tell players a bit more about the thinking behind the direction of Life Is Strange 2. Today marks the release of ‘The Road to Life is Strange 2’, a short documentary about the making of Life is Strange 2, featuring exclusive never-before-seen footage of the game, a great look behind the scenes, and comments from Co-Creators Michel Koch, Raoul Barbet, and Jean-Luc Cano, as well as other key figures in the development team.

Did you learn a lot more for Life Is Strange 2 than you needed to know before or was it just about right to get you excited for the impending release? Do you think that having the voice actors be closer to the character ages will help out in certain instances or will it just be something you know about the game and not truly think about? Did you even watch this video and move right along as you are a heathen who does not like to see where their video games come from? Let us have those answers and more down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If there is more to share for Life Is Strange 2, and we know there will be, we will have it here on the site. All you need to do is stick around.