Here Is More On The Visual Storytelling We Will Have With The Sinking City

The Sinking City

The latest developer diary for The Sinking City is here to walk us through some of their tricks to tell the story of The Sinking City using visuals

Get ready for even more creepiness as we have a whole new look at The Sinking City from Frogwares here and they are diving into how they are telling some of story with just visuals. Well, more accentuating and setting a theme as well as telling a story as they will still be using the same designs and methods we all know and mostly love in video games. They are just going into a few of the more subtle things here to help accentuate the loss of sanity we are going to experience in The Sinking City. At least that is the goal as it is kind of difficult to truly show off how a character is losing sanity in a true way. If anything, it is more to see before March 21st before it hits the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

In terms of new gameplay play for The Sinking City, there is not much more in that vein, but it is a new look at some of the scenes and why the artists and developers went with specific things in the game. It does give you a better feel for what is going on and a little more to expect here. I know it is always the subtle things that most do not notice that can make a scene in all kinds of media feel differently. Even in the scene we have to see here, it would feel a lot different if it did not have the blood red coloring about it. Something we may not automatically notice but it would trigger the brain to think in certain ways. Look at The Sinking City using our brains against and for us here…

The Sinking City — The Art Of Visual Storytelling

Stories can be told in different ways — and there is a lot video games can learn about it from other media. In our sixth update, we want to show you a few visual techniques we use to tell our story in The Sinking City!

How do you feel about knowing these methods here for The Sinking City? Will you start to pick up on it now that you have seen it or will it fade into the background and cause the desired results that Frogwares and Bigben Interactive are aiming for? Did it all spoil things like knowing how a magic trick works instead? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on The Sinking City, keep your attentions here on the site. We will keep the updates coming at you as best that we can.