Rediscover Power Unbound As The Last Remnant Remastered Is Announced

The Last Remnant

The announcement has been made that The Last Remnant Remastered is coming and will be bringing everything we loved about The Last Remnant to the PS4

If you have been sitting around wondering when you may see a The Last Remnant remaster, then now it is time to rejoice as it looks like your wish is going to be granted. It looks like Square Enix has tapped Guild Studio to do just that and bring the game to us again on the PS4. All in time for this holiday season as it looks like The Last Remnant Remastered will be joining all of those other titles out there on December 6th. An insanely happy day for all of you out there who have been waiting for something like this. At least if you will have the time to spare to dive into the game again and fully enjoy it all.

It sounds like The Last Remnant Remastered will be more or less the same as before but with all of its mechanics and visuals updated with the Unreal 4 engine and everything else a remaster entails. It will also be the first time that the title will be on the PS4, so those who felt like they missed out can now join in the fun there. I mean, it only took about a decade to get it to happen and now there will be an option. Although it will need to be brought in from Japan or purchased from a PSN account that is located in that region. Hopefully it will make its leap out side of the territory so other fans do not need to find workarounds to enjoy The Last Remnant.

The Last Remnant Remastered — Announcement

Square Enix today announced that The Last Remnant Remastered will arrive on PlayStation for the first time this December, now fully remastered for the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system.

Originally released in 2008, The Last Remnant captured the hearts and minds of gamers with its enthralling story, countless characters, and an intricate battle system. The Last Remnant Remastered features beautifully enhanced graphics enabled by Unreal Engine 4, allowing for a more immersive and captivating adventure than ever before.

The Last Remnant Remastered tells the story of a world filled with “Remnants” — ancient artifacts that grant mysterious power to their wielders, changing the world’s balance and leading to an era of countless frays between those who ruled, and those who obeyed. Within this war-torn fantasy world, players will follow the journey of a young man who is determined to uncover the truth.

Are you excited to see that there will be a The Last Remnant Remastered version? Are you let down to find out that it is only scheduled to release in Japan at the current time? Does it matter to you or will you find a way to be able to bring it to yourself no matter where you may live? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. If there are further updates for The Last Remnant Remastered version, we will get them up on the site. Just be sure to stick around so you can see them all as they may come.