Mega Man 11 Is Giving Us A Bit More Bounce With A New Demo

Mega Man

We have a new villain for Mega Man 11 to look at here with Bounce Man as a new demo challenge for Mega Man 11 has kicked off for all

If you have been pining for a feel and play of Mega Man 11 before October 2nd, then you may want to look at your respective online stores for the Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. It looks like Capcom has a new demo for the game out there so we can give the multiple difficulties and challenges Block Man will have for us a try. Not only that, but also unlock some new things just for Mega Man 11 when it finally launches. All you have to do is give the demo a play. There is also another item offered up for those who actually defeat Block Man as part of a community challenge event that is currently going on right now. So there is even more to get out of it all before the game actually launches.

In addition to the demo announcement for Mega Man 11, we also have a look at a new enemy in the game in terms of Bounce Man. I have a feeling we can figure out what this boss is all about, but maybe things will be different in the final game. We do have a look at Bounce Man's level and gear that we will absorb once we take this baddy down. There are no true specifics for Mega Man 11 in terms of this villain outside of this, but it is something new to see as we wait a few weeks for the game. That is if you do not want to take part in the demo for now. We have so many options to go with here now.

Mega Man 11 — Bounce Man Mega Man 11 — Bounce Man Mega Man 11 — Bounce Man

Everyone looking forward to the highly anticipated Mega Man 11 can test their mettle ahead of the game’s October 2nd release. Take on the formidable, and rather smug, Block Man in the new free downloadable demo, available now on Nintendo Switch, and available September 7th on the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X.

In the demo, players can choose from multiple difficulty levels before stepping into the boots of Mega Man himself with robot dog Rush by his side. In a stunningly hand-drawn, technically advanced pyramid environment, players are encouraged to use various tools including the new Double Gear system and various boss weapons to bust Block Man and absorb his powers.

Fans who take on Block Man in the free Mega Man 11 demo will contribute to the “Bust Block Man” community challenge for a chance to receive a set of single-use items that can be redeemed in the retail version of the game. Fans who defeat Block Man can display their victory using the #BustBlockMan hashtag on social media and then stay tuned to official Mega Man social channels to check out the progress as the community works together to chip away at Block Man!

To celebrate the announcement of the downloadable demo, Capcom has also revealed a new Robot Master named Bounce Man and his stage, the vibrant Boing-Boing Park.

Are you planning on joining in on the demo for Mega Man 11 to get the extra unlocks beforehand or will you be waiting to go in completely blind at launch? Do you think the bonus unlocks will be available for all after launch or will this be the only way to achieve them? What do you think of Bounce Man based on what we have to see and know now? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss down in the comments. For more on Mega Man 11, keep checking in on the site here. We will keep those updates flowing out to you as fast as we get them.