Twin Mirror Has Two New Mechanics Revealed As We Wait For The First Episode

Twin Mirror

New gameplay for Twin Mirror is here to highlight two new gameplay mechanics we will have to use through each episode of Twin Mirror

A few new surprises have cropped up for Twin Mirror here recently with one of the big ones being that the game is going to be episodic. This is not that odd given the craze that this style has been in the past years and the fact that this is DontNod making the game. It really feels like something we should have all be expecting. Although, with the twist that there will only be three episodes for Twin Mirror with the first launching in 2019, I guess it is fair to see why we missed the clues. No huge worry there as we now have time to prepare ourselves for that is to come from the growing list of episodic adventures that Bandai Namco is funding out there for the PS4, Xbox One, and/or PC. There sure are a lot recently.

Moving right along, with this announcement for Twin Mirror we also have a nice little trailer to go along with it to show us more of the world we will be diving into. Also a slight nod to the gameplay mechanics we will have at our disposal in the game and need to navigate to solve the mysteries involved. One of which is the Mind Palace that the protagonist can create in Twin Mirror. More or less a way for the character to visualize all of the clues and memories he may have come across, all in a way that we can use to piece it all together. This seems to be the weird floating world that we have seen in all of the trailers to date.

The second mechanic highlighted for Twin Mirror is called The Double. This is a sarcastic version of the protagonist here that is there to dole out advice and goad us along in the game. From the sounds of it, The Double is more of a hints option through the persona of an inner voice for the character. I am guessing that there will be more to it than that, but for now, this is all we have. Well, besides a look at The Double in the following trailer for Twin Mirror. Have a look at it all just below and see what we will most likely be playing with as we try to solve the growing mystery.

Twin Mirror — Gamescom Reveal

Twin Mirror, lets players take on the role of Sam, an investigative journalist returning home to bury an old friend. But, as Sam wakes up in his motel room with a blood-stained shirt and no memory of the night before he must embark on a thrilling investigation, and make a series of impactful choices to discover the truth.

His greatest talent, revealed today at Gamescom, is his Mind Palace. While the untrained mind may forget crucial information, or fail to remember critical clues, Sam’s brain works differently. Over many years, Sam has trained to create his very own Mind Palace. A place to access at will and recreate memories from the past, or even piece together possible scenarios. But, even the greatest tools can get rusty if not properly trained, and players will have to start by jogging Sam’s memory.

When solving the game’s mysteries, players will have to gather clues from the real world, navigating between the former and the Mind Palace, until they’re able to recreate forgotten or hidden events of past. Sam’s mind is also a place of wonder and mystery.

Another key mechanic is — The Double, Sam’s inner voice takes the form of a classy yet sarcastic version of himself. But, is he here to help? Or to hinder Sam? Players will have to discover the truth as they progress through the story, navigating between Sam’s instincts and the Double’s quirky guidance.

What are you thinking about Twin Mirror now that we have all of this extra information to work with here? Do you think that all of this will feel like true gameplay systems or just a way to visualize or auralize the information in the game? Are you at all surprised that DontNod made this into an episodic adventure or did you think it would be its own standalone title from start to end? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Twin Mirror, keep yourself tuned into the site. We will bring you everything that we can find.