Life Is Strange 2 Starts Off In A Heavy Place With Some New Gameplay

Life Is Strange

See the opening minutes of Life Is Strange 2 here and ass how much heavier this addition to Life Is Strange will be starting off

It looks like we do not need to wait until September 27th to see how Life Is Strange 2 is going to start off. That is unless you want to walk into DontNod's next installment completely in the dark. I say this as it looks like we have the first twenty minutes of Life Is Strange 2's first episode here to look at and take in. Obviously, if you move forward with everything here you know you are walking into spoilers for the game's story. If you did not know that, then take a moment to think before you click the play button as there is something that shows us just how far this game is going down the dark and sad side of things.

I will not say more here before the video so those who want to go into Life Is Strange 2 pure an innocent can step away. Those who want to watch it all can do that and see more words just below the video. You have been informed thusly so there is no mistake if you press forward with everything here.

Life Is Strange 2 — Gameplay - Seattle

Two brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz, 16 and 9, are forced to run away from home after a tragic incident in Seattle. In fear of the police, Sean & Daniel head to Mexico while attempting to conceal a sudden and mysterious supernatural power.

Life on the road is tough and now totally responsible for his much younger brother, Sean begins to realize that his decisions will impact their lives forever…

As you most likely saw here, we start off Life Is Strange 2 in a pretty heave place emotionally. Something the last game built up to even if someone was shot in the opening scene there too. The difference is that it does not look like we will have the ability to rewind time and save said person as the core of the story here is how Sean and Daniel deal with what just happened. A pretty shocking and intense scene to build up to in Life Is Strange 2 and it looks like they opted to go less than twenty minutes in. It looks like the picture is being painted here for how this story will play out, but I hope it pulls back a little along the way to give us time to prepare for the next heartbreaking scene.

How are you feeling after seeing how Life Is Strange 2 is going to open for the rest of us? Did you already suspect this was going to happen in the game or was it a shock to you? Do you think that the theme we saw play out here will stay persistent for the whole season or will we see it only pop up a few more times along the way? Let us and the world know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Life Is Strange 2, be sure to keep checking in on the site as we know there will be more and I hope a little less spoiler-filled for those trying to stay clear of all of that.