It Is A Fact That Spider-Man’s Relationships Will Take A Toll


A new “Just The Facts” for Spider-Man is here and this one focuses in on the relationships Spider-Man will have to protect in the game

Another promotional video for Spider-Man has made its way out to the internet today and it focusing on the relationships that Spidey will have and need to protect in the game. On both sides of the coin as well as he has some relationships with a few of the villains in the game as well as his usual cast of characters that he keeps his secret from. Although in past videos it does look like Insomniac Games has offered up that secret to a few more than before and we will have to deal with that too. So it is just time to get ready to come to all those terms before September 7th when your PS4 will be dominated by the game here. At least if you have been looking for to the game here.

The usual cast of characters shows up here for both Spider-Man and Peter with Aunt May, MJ, Miles Morales, and Norman Osborn. Then we also get to see a little more on the villains we have already seen so far in the suspected Sinister Six team-up in the game. I know it is not completely confirmed as of yet, but it is something we know should be coming. Sadly, there is no more to go on for the final character from the Spider-Man universe in the mix, but we do have more to see. Have a look down below and see how these relationships will pan out. Unless we have a way to truly alter things instead of following a path.

Spider-Man — Just The Facts: Relationships

Learn more about Spider-Man’s relationships with those he cares about, as well as those with costumed-psychos he has to take down. All delivered by a ranting J. Jonah Jameson.

Was this about what you expected for Spider-Man here or did you expect to see other characters mixed in for the relationships? Do you think we will see other normal characters mixed into the roster, like Gwen, or have we seen them all so far? Who do you think will be the final revealed villain in the game or do you suspect that heavily rumored Doctor Octopus will be it? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more Spider-Man footage, be sure to stay close to the site here or the Daily Bugle. Although I think here will be the better options for you.