Here Are More Of The Facts For The Combat In Spider-Man


Another video for Spider-Man is here to show off more of the combat and costumes we will get to experience in Spider-Man soon

Another episode of "Just The Facts" has dropped on us for Spider-Man to give us more of the facts about the combat and other systems we will soon be playing with on our PS4. Well, more it is about the gadgets and other abilities we will unlock in our costumes more than combat as it is described here, but it does show a little more of the combat in the mix. Maybe that is what Insomniac Games wanted to play up instead or something. It is not the case though as we see more for everything else as well as some of the abilities of one of the costumes Spider-Man will get to wear in the game.

Here we get to see a bit more for the Spider-Punk suit that Peter will be wearing and what it will be able to do. It looks like it adds in a sonic area attack and allows for multiple holograms of Spider-Man to appear on the battlefield to distract and aid in combat. At least that is the assumption here as that is what we see without specific stats or mechanics explained out there. I will not complain as it is nice to see just a bit more before September 7th as well as one of the pre-order suits in action. Let us hope that we get a little more for each of those before Spider-Man finally does drop in on us.

Spider-Man — Just The Facts: Combat

A new look at Spider-Man’s wide-range of combat abilities, from obnoxious sonic attacks to holographic decoys to old-fashioned web-shooting.

Did you expect the Spider-Punk costume to work as it looks to do here in Spider-Man or is it par for the course? Did you spot any of the other gadgets we have yet to see in gameplay yet or was it all just words in the background to let us know they are coming? How do you think the other costumes in the game will work and what special abilities do you think they will truly offer up? Let us keep the conversation going down in the comments and such. We will keep our eyes out for more on Spider-Man and will bring it all here for you. Just be sure we are paid for those damned pictures of Spider-Man at the end of the day.