Fallout 76 Shows Off How There Is No ‘I’ In Nuclear Wasteland

Fallout 76

Another promotional video for Fallout 76 is here to show off a little more on the idea of teamwork we will have to have to survive in Fallout 76

Here we go with yet another promotional video for Fallout 76 and this time to show off more of the idea behind the multiplayer aspect that Bethesda is aiming for in the game. This is something that gamers have been wondering about since it was first announced it was the way it was going to be. It is a concern everyone has when we go into an MMO style of game as it kind of sounds like Fallout 76 is heading toward. While not that specifically, we will know for certain on November 14th, it holds a concern on how they will handle the multiplayer and issues that could arise. We are all looking at you gamers out there who like to troll or grief in these kinds of situations.

That all said, we now have a very slight look at the idea behind what Fallout 76. Like the fact that there will be a focus on teaming up with others and playing nice. Although, when it is all in the vein to make sure that your team can survive the attack of another group that has teamed up to hunt others down, it does not bode too well. I am sure there will be something else to help quell those issues, but nothing exactly concrete here for Fallout 76. I guess it is all due to the fact that this is just another promotional video and not solid gameplay to look at. It is more or less just the idea of it all for now. I am sure we will have more solid news here in short order though.

Fallout 76 — Let’s Work With Others!

Brought to you by the Vault-Tec American Tricentennial Committee. Today’s episode, “Let’s Work with Others: The Art of Cooperation”.

Don’t find yourself downtrodden by your new life outside of Vault 76. Other Vault Dwellers are here to help! The latest episode teaches you more on the values of friendship and teamwork.

Did you get the same feeling for Fallout 76 as I do here for the multiplayer or am I missing something? Does any of this make you feel like the trolling and griefing will not be rampant in the game or does this make it sound like it could be encouraged with teams? When do you think we will see some of the true mechanics Bethesda has set up for this and will it make more sense? Let us all have those thoughts and comments down below. When we have more to share for Fallout 76, we will share it here. Just be sure to keep checking back in to make sure you are completely up to date.