A New 3D Adventure Games Is Coming By The Way Of Scarf


A new announcement for a game called Scarf is here and it will let us explore a new world using the polymorphic powers of a Scarf among other things

Add one more 3D Adventure game to the list to keep an eye on as now we have Scarf to look forward to so we can keep scratching that itch. It always seems to come back in the mix of all of the other larger-scale titles releasing and it looks like Uprising Studios, with the help of THQ Nordic, will be giving us a nice break this Winter or early in 2019 on the PC. That seems like the perfect time for a game called Scarf to release in my book. Seeing how it also looks to handle here, it could be another great break to distract us and get us back into the exploring aspect of video games. Not to mention that the titular item also has some other grand abilities mixed right in.

In Scarf, we will be playing as Hyke. He has a polymorphic scarf around his neck and will be heading out to solve some puzzles and put some challenges to rest. The exact reasons for this are still obfuscated a bit in the following trailer and verbiage, but it is what it is. The best part about it all is that it looks to me like his scarf is more akin to the cape of Spawn as it does not just flow or allow him to fly/float. It looks like it will be used to do all sorts of other tasks in the game and could be used as a defensive item when push comes to shove. At least as I can see in the following announcement trailer here.

Scarf — Announcement Trailer

Scarf is a 3D Adventure game, where protagonist Hyke must use his polymorphic scarf to explore a magical environment, solve mysterious puzzles and overcome difficult challenges. Hyke’s scarf morphs into different objects which will help to progress the adventure. Hyke was born in an unknown place, surrounded by other souls. All of them will start a path through the World with the main goal being to meld with it and become part of nature.

What are your first thoughts on Scarf here as it all looks and sounds? Does it look rather close to games like Journey or will it be taking that winning formula and building upon it to make something even grander? What other uses do you think we will have for the scarf in game or do you think it will be what we have here with a few variations mixed in? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As I am able to find out more about the game here, I will update the site with my findings. Keep coming back to make sure you see that and everything else we have to offer.