Enter The Oldest House Of Control In The Latest Dev Diary


The next developer diary for Control is here to show us the Oldest House and headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control

Here we go with the next developer diary for Control and this one takes us deeper into The Oldest House of the game. This would be the headquarters of the main organization we will be in charge of in the game as well as the location for the game. We have heard and seen a bit of it from Remedy in the past, but this time we get to know it a bit better and also see more than we have seen in the public before. Not much more, but it is a slight bit more of Control to look at as we learn more about the location that is part of a lot of other Sci-Fi buildings and constructs from the past.

What is interesting here is that they kind of allude to the size of the location for Control in this video. At least if we take what they are saying at face value. They have a lot of points of reference to go on from the real world, but it was the comment about walking in one direction and find new parts of the building we may not have known about. I am curious if that will be something we can truly do in Control or if it will be just an in-game rumor we never get to see come to light. Given the "new weird" that they are going with; it could fall on both sides of the fence here. Gameplay wise, I have a feeling it will be just rumored though.

Control — The Oldest House

It's time to talk about the Oldest House! The Oldest House is the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control. An ever-changing world within a location where nothing is what it seems to be…

What do you think about the in-game location for Control now that we have a bit more of it detailed here? Do you think we will have endless hallways at some point in the game or will that be just speculation we never get to experience? How do you think it will all play out in the long run and will it be a true maze of rooms and hallways or will it keep some of the structure to make the game playable? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more Control, just keep checking back in here. We will keep it all coming as fast as they put it out there.