Strange Brigade Offers Up Two More Modes Of Play Just Ahead Of Launch

Strange Brigade

There are two more modes of play coming to Strange Brigade and we also have a whole lot of new gameplay for Strange Brigade to take in here

Get ready to play in two more different modes in Strange Brigade when it launches on August 28th here. We have seen how this co-op game from Rebellion will handle in general, but now we see just how it will stand out from other titles that are along a similar vein. At least, so to speak as Strange Brigade does kind of stand on its own in general. It just has other mechanics that we have seen before that can make it all seem like a game we have seen many times over. But I digress. We now have two more modes coming with a little bit of a twist on some tried and true mechanics.

The first mode we have to speak of will be a Score Attack mode for Strange Brigade. In this mode, players will need to rack up kills and perform other gameplay feats to get their score as high as they can possibly get in the area. Killing more and faster will increase your combo multiplier as taking too long between kills will have it decrease down. All so you and the rest of your Strange Brigade can claim a better score while killing massive amounts of enemies in the process. Not much of a deviation as one would have thought for the mode, but it is there for our amusement.

The other mode for Strange Brigade will be a Horde Mode, but with some twists that we should keep an eye on. The mode will run for single player and up to four players in co-op. In this mode, you will see wave after wave of enemies coming at you and you will get to keep collecting your gold along the way. Between waves, you will have the option to pick up new weapons and upgrades or open up new areas of the map. All so you and your Strange Brigade can progress to the next wave and hopefully survive that one as well. I am not certain on how this is a twist on the mode we have played time and time again, but it is what it is. Have some gameplay to distract you for now.

Strange Brigade — 12 Minutes Of New Gameplay

Score Attack — Where Speed Meets Panache…

Score Attack is a fast-paced mode, all about cutting through large numbers of enemies with as much speed and style as you can, in an attempt to keep that combo-multiplier as high as possible! As you might expect, this ticks up as you take down your enemies in quick succession, but will deplete should you take too long to score a kill!

As well as this, there are also big bonus points up for grabs — such as not taking any damage, racking up the headshots, and other devilish challenges to keep you coming back for more.

Horde Mode, With A ‘Strange’ Twist!

Horde Mode may seem familiar at first, but the crack team at Rebellion worked their magic to take some of the core gameplay mechanics and reinterpret them into a fresh new mode!

Similar to spending gold in the campaign to unlock new weapons, special weapons and more, in Horde Mode you accumulate gold by killing enemies — but how do you spend it? Do you splash the cash on the Flamethrower, knowing once it runs out of gas it’s done, or do you save your gold to open up new parts of the level to potentially unlock more goodies like health potions or loot?

This neat change helps to create a thrilling mode, whether you’re playing solo or with 2-4 players, full of tactical decisions to be made in the face of an unending horde of nefarious ne’er do wells…

What are your thoughts on these new modes for Strange Brigade we have coming at us? Do they sound like they are truly new modes or twists on others we have already played? Do you think they will play much like we have played in the past, just in the new setting and with the level of co-op this game has to offer? Let us have it all down in the comments and then discuss away. As we have more to share for Strange Brigade, we will share it here. Be sure to keep checking back on the site to see all of that as we head toward the official launch of the game.