The Environmental Puzzles Of Darksiders III Have Been Evolving


Another new look at Darksiders III is here to show us how the puzzles of Darksiders III will feel the same but play out very different

It looks as if we all have time for one more video for Darksiders III here and this one takes us into the world of puzzles. Not an actual world in the game, but a look at how the team over at Gunfire Games has been slowly changing and evolving the puzzles in the world for us to try to figure out. Given that the franchise has never been a puzzle only title, it may sound a bit off to here, but in Darksiders III it looks like things have evolved to make more sense in the game world as well as add a new challenge to what we already know. They would need to do this in some way or the franchise would fizzle out before THQ Nordic can get to the fabled fourth chapter of the story…

Anyways, we get a new commentary view of some of the old footage we have seen for Darksiders III already. This one goes into the blast bugs in the game and how they are here to replace the bombs from before so that they feel like they should be in the world and not showing up just because the gameplay demands it. Not that the franchise truly needed an overhaul like this in my eyes, but it is nice to see that things are evolving in the game and fitting better together. Also, that some of the old mechanics from the past Darksiders title will be showing up as they will be in linked environments from the past. Remember the crystal sword "puzzles" from before. Yeah, they are back and ready for us again.

Darksiders III — Developers Show Off Environmental Puzzles

Gunfire Games design director John Pearl and lead level designer Richard Vorodi walk you through a section of Darksiders III, showing off the environmental puzzles you'll encounter.

How do you feel about the new way puzzles will be handled in Darksiders III? Does it make sense to evolve them to the point we are seeing here or was it more fun to have them just pop as needed like some unseen entity was helping us out? How else do you think they will change along the way? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. Given that July was the big push for updates for Darksiders III, I have a feeling we will be seeing fewer until November. As they do come, though, we will update the site with it all. Just be sure to stick close so you can get them all in real-time.