Guacamelee 2 Has Been Set Down With A Solid Release Date Now


The release date for Guacamelee 2 has now been set and fans of the Guacamelee titles will be able to play the game this coming August

It has been a long time coming, but now we have the release date for Guacamelee 2 set down and surprisingly not too far off from now. If you thought that Drinkbox Studios was going to make us all wait a crazy long time for the game, then you are wrong as it looks like it will be hitting the PS4 and PC on August 21st now. That is not too far. Sadly, it looks like there is not a solid date for any of those Xbox One gamers out there who wanted to get their Guacamelee 2 play on. I know I could have sworn it was coming to the platform at some point, but it looks like all we have are these two and that is it for now. That should be enough though.

If you are not in the know on what Guacamelee or this new sequel is, it is a Metroidvania style platformer that takes you through a weird world where you play as a retired luchador who has come back to save the day and the world. Well, the Mexiverse if you will as it obviously borrows a lot from the culture and mythologies to drive everything forward. Either way, Guacamelee 2 will have us punching, kicking, power-bombing, and flying around the game's world to save something or another. All on our own as Juan or teamed up with other players to make the fights a bit easier or harder. That all depends on each player's skill, so take that as you will.

To go along with the new release date announcement for Guacamelee 2, we also have the traditional trailer that comes with it. It shows off a bit more gameplay and a whole lot of the art style we will soon be immersed in. Even if you are not swayed by the lore and such, Guacamelee has been a pretty game with some extremely solid gameplay mechanics to work with. Have a look and see a bit of what I am talking about and then get ready for a short wait until it launches on August 21st.

Guacamelee 2 — Release Date Announcement

Oh, it’s true! It’s damn true! Celebrated independent video game developer Drinkbox Studios is launching its long-awaited, Metroidvania action-platformer Guacamelee 2 on both PlayStation 4 and PC on August 21, for $19.99. Set in a unique world full of challenges, adventure and humor, Guacamelee 2 expands upon the original game by introducing new levels, enemies, characters, and gameplay mechanics for the ultimate high-flying luchador experience.

Guacamelee 2 brings former hero Juan Aguacate out of retirement to stop a powerful and ruthless luchador who has emerged as the ruler of a parallel timeline. Juan must once again don his special luchador mask and tights, and fight his way through the worlds of the living and the dead (plus time and space) in an attempt to save his family… and the entire Mexiverse!

Did you expect to see the release date for Guacamelee 2 to be so close or did you expect a bit of a longer wait? Have you enjoyed the franchise in the past or will this be your first jump into the fun of it all? Do you think that we will get to carry over anything besides the story from the first game or will it all be self-contained? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Guacamelee 2 in any form, keep your browser locked in here. We will keep bringing you all of the updates that we can.